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How to be one step ahead of the competition? Sii’s Technical Leader will answer this question during the Meet Magento e-commerce conference

The Meet Magento international conference, which will take place on September 10th and 11th in Kraków, will gather e-commerce experts from all over the world. It is worth participating in this event also to attend the presentation by Patryk Święczkowski, Technical Leader from Sii’s Digital Competency Centre. Find out what the presentation by a Sii expert during this meeting will be about.

IT specialists and representatives of the business world interested in the development of e-commerce will meet in mid-September in Alwernia near Kraków. The Meet Magento international conference, which is devoted to online sales, will last two days: on the 10th and 11th of September 2018. Sii has become a silver sponsor of the event and one of the presentations will be given by Patryk Święczkowski, Technical Leader at the Digital Competency Centre at Sii who runs e-commerce projects for Sii’s Polish and international clients.

Barbara Kun, Marketing Account Manager at Sii: During the Meet Magento conference you will give a presentation entitled 50% off! How to do group sales with Magento? implementation analysis. What will you emphasise most during your presentation?

Patryk Święczkowski, Technical Leader at Sii: We want to show that the Magento 2 platform is a very flexible tool to create e-commerce solutions. We hope that the participants will become interested in the case study we will discuss. It refers to a project made from the scratch and migration from a separate Nimble Commerce system. While working on the project we had to face an additional challenge and move the connections between the existing project with an external system, e.g.: SalesForce and e-conomic. I will talk about the planning, introduction and solutions’ implementation process.

B.K.: The event is attended both by IT experts as well as business owners who are planning to grow their business and use the possibilities connected with online sales. Which of these groups is your presentation addressed to?

P.Ś.: Both of them. Representatives of the business world can find the subject of migration or system update interesting. I often hear the following question: “Why is it worth making changes now?” One of the reasons is to be one step ahead of the competition. In the e-commerce world a more efficient system and newer solutions give an advantage over the competition regardless of the business size. The perspective of constant grow is very important for every business owner. Thinking about developers, I will discuss practical and technical aspects of our Sweetdeal solution – the biggest group shopping platform in Denmark.

B.K.: There are still several days before the Meet Magento conference starts. How would you convince those, who are still hesitant, to attend the event?

P.Ś.: Nowadays there is probably no one that wouldn’t shop online and like promotions offered on this highly competitive market. The conference is an opportunity to get to know the process of building an online shop from behind the scenes. Therefore, I would like to invite both developers and e-commerce business owners. I will show them measurable benefits that come from various solutions.

Tickets to the conference are available on the event’s website. We invite everyone to attend the event and take a look at the Digital Competency Centre’s offer connected with e-commerce.

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