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How to optimize processes through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to free employees from routine? Get inspired by Sii Poland implementations

RPA helps you to save time, increase productivity, focus on key tasks and reduce operating costs by relieving employees of monotonous and repetitive tasks. This technology supports many business processes and enables the automation and integration of numerous applications and within different environments what makes it desirable and appreciated by more and more companies. It is an investment that returns quite fast and brings measurable benefits, but also a tool that comes with long-term advantages to the employees. They can achieve greater satisfaction and stronger motivation by spending more time on tasks that develop their skills.

What is RPA and what is it for?

Robotic Process Automation is often mistakenly identified with physical devices that we used to watch in science-fiction movies or with robots similar to those used in Industry 4.0. In fact, they are applications that allow us to automate business processes usually performed by employees and provide us with many advantages. Among them, we can mention 24/7 work continuity, reduction of task completion time by 4-8 times on average, quality improvement and costs reduction.

Thanks to RPA, companies gain greater efficiency and reliability within the optimized process, and at the same time, can release employees from routine tasks and as a result, increase their satisfaction with their work.

What exactly can be automated?

RPA can be used in various areas regardless of the character of business operations and regardless of its scale. It works well wherever we deal with repetitive, time-consuming, reproductive activities that are based on a specific scenario, but also with those which employees define as monotonous what makes them more at risk of making a mistake.

It is estimated that 30 to 50% of processes can be automated. For example, we can employ robots for opening and reading e-mails and attachments, logging into web or desktop applications, working with files and folders (e.g. copying, moving, deleting), communication between systems using API, downloading and reading information (e.g. from documents, databases, social media, websites), making calculations, combining data from various sources and verifying their consistency.

Among the processes automated by Sii Poland experts for its clients there can be found: inventory and orders management, customer service via chatbot and voicebot, invoice life cycle support (invoicing, sending, acceptance and accounting) and media monitoring for specific passwords. Watch the video to find out what are the stages of the process robots perform sequentially, what are the results and what are the advantages that technology brings in these specific cases:

When designing an automation process, it’s important to remember that even numbers that seem to be small ones can lead to large savings. – If a given task takes us 4 minutes on average, so relatively not much, but we have to do it many times per hour, day or week, it is worth calculating what volume of work it takes on a month or year – advises Tomasz Smółkowski, Architect at Sii Poland. – Thanks to such data we can easily calculate measurable ROI. When we talk about numbers, it is worth to mention that the investment cost returns within more or less a year from implementation. This is certainly one of the benefits that convince entrepreneurs to use robots in business. Data about RPA from the Deloitte report show that 78% of respondents who already use this technology have declared that within the next 3 years they will decide to increase investment in this area – adds Tomasz Smółkowski.

If you are thinking about implementing RPA or are planning to automate subsequent processes in your business, contact our experts who will help you estimate the cost and the level of savings it can generate. Check the offer of Sii Poland and send your request.

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