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Improve competencies and achieve better business results — Sii Sales Academy has launched

Sii’s training offering has been expanded to include new advanced sales courses. These new trainings aim to support companies in enhancing the efficiency of their sales teams in a dynamically changing market environment. 

Who are the Sii Sales Academy trainings designed for? 

They are targeted at experienced sales professionals, sales team managers, as well as owners of small and medium-sized enterprises. With a broad thematic scope, the courses may also appeal to individual specialists and micro-entrepreneurs, such as freelancers from the IT industry and other sectors, seeking to develop their sales skills. 

What makes this offer stand out? 

Our trainers are actively engaged in sales, with decades of experience in training, advising, and long-standing sales management roles. Additionally, Sii brings 8 years of experience in organizing trainings, serving clients including AVIVA, Qiagen, and mBank. 

New trainings at Sii Sales Academy and their scope 

The trainings have been developed to address current market challenges and business needs. Each course provides practical tools and strategies necessary for achieving success in sales. 

Effective Sales Conversations Training 

  • Conducting effective sales conversations, considering the purchasing process. 
  • Investigating consumer needs and using buyer persona information. 
  • Implementing post-sales activities to build long-term customer relationships. 

Client Acquisition — Prospecting and Networking Training 

  • Key techniques for prospecting and building a network of contacts. 
  • Actively acquiring potential buyers and building lasting business relationships. 

Sales Process Creation Training 

  • Understanding the key stages of the sales process. 
  • Identifying and executing tasks at each stage. 
  • Developing and adapting the sales process to the specifics of the company’s operations. 

Negotiation Training — General Strategies and Practical Skills 

  • Effective preparation for negotiations. 
  • Building positive relationships with contractors. 
  • Using various negotiation techniques to achieve the best results. 

If you are seeking trainings that will contribute to enhancing your team’s skills, explore Sii’s training offerings.

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