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In 2015 Sii Outruns Even Business Gazelles!

For the 5th time Sii was honored with the prestigious title of Business Gazelle, awarded to the most dynamically developing companies in Poland.

The Business Gazelle ranking for Poland is created by the economic information agency, Coface Poland, based on the companies’ financial data, and published by Puls Biznesu (eng. Business Pulse).

As we can read in the magazine:

Gazelles are small or medium-sized companies, which, thanks to an incredibly dynamic development, are doing outstandingly well on the market, even among much bigger competitors”.

This is what Sii is all about – the increase in the company’s income in the latest ranking, calculated based on the financial data from the years 2012  – 2014 amounted to 169%! It’s an impressive result, but it seems, that Sii is developing so fast, that it is outrunning even the Gazelles! With a turnover of over 300 M PLN and a leap in employment in the year 2015, soon the frames of the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises could prove to be too tight.

During the gala, which took place on the 9th of March in Warsaw, in which representatives of business and local authorities participated, Emilia Iwińska – Head of Marketing & Sales Support accepted the prize for Sii.

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