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In October Sii hires a record high number of IT experts

The IT market is considered one of the toughest for employers. Hiring experienced programmers or testers can be quite a challenge. Along with the growing number of IT companies and increasing digitization, the deficit of engineers is more visible than ever. Despite difficulties on the technological labor market, Sii is prospering better than ever and is breaking new records in the number of persons employed. In the last month the company has recruited the highest number of workers – 160 specialists have joined the Sii team.

A recruitment record in October – learn about top profiles and candidate sources

Sii is one of the biggest IT employers in Poland, hiring close to 3100 experienced engineers. The biggest share of the newly hired are software developers, testers and analysts. When it comes to the most popular source of candidates, Sii’s recommendation system – called „Recommend an IT expert was the winner. Both Sii employees as well as persons not connected with the company can take advantage of this program. When a candidate is hired – the recommending person receives a bonus. Direct applications as well as headhunting also proved to be effective.

Sii’s recruitment success in times of a demanding IT market

Wojciech Dreja, Recruitment Director at Sii Poland says – Several important factors resulted in our record high recruitment. First of all it is the contribution of the 8 recruitment departments located in every Sii branch – they have really earned this success. It is also the effect of the synergy of the teamwork with other Sii departments – the Sales Department and Competency Centers. The strong Sii brand and its recognition on the market are equally important. It is also worth mentioning that for three years in a row, we have been awarded the title of Great Place to Work – for many persons this is an important criterion while choosing their future employer. Nevertheless, what really makes us stand out among other IT companies is the access to diverse technological projects that we provide to the programmers. This way they can develop their technical skills and follow an expert career path.

Technological expert

In everyday work Sii engineers carry out technologically advanced projects for more than 200 clients from around the world, representing various industries, i.a.: Finance, Insurance, Energy, Telecommunication, Logistics, Retail, Aviation, High-tech, Media, etc. Sii focuses its technological competences within Competency Centers – highly specialized unites dedicated to specific technologies and areas: Testing, Digital, SharePoint, Dynamics365, Business Intelligence, SAP, Salesforce, IT Operations, Engineering, and Training. Find out more about work at Sii at

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