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Increase the competitiveness of your company thanks to Dynamics 365 – participate in a free webinar

On June 7 an open webinar „Sales development in service companies with Dynamics 365” will take place.

The on-line workshop addresses representatives of medium-sized and large companies, who would like to improve the management of the entire sales process and operational process in their company. The Webinar will be held by specialists from the Sii company.

Dynamics 365, a solution by Microsoft is a combination of two well-known cloud solutions of the company, dedicated to process management in the organization – the CRM system (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and the ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics AX). Dynamic 365 is also closely integrated with the Office 365 platform. Dynamics 365 supports and integrates the areas of: financials, sales, customer service and business analytics.

A deep integration of all the systems allows to take better advantage of the data gathered, which results in an even more effective management of the enterprise and improves its competitiveness on the market.

To the Dynamics 365 webinar, held on the 7th of June, we would like to invite all medium-sized and large entrepreneurs, who would like to get to know the functionalities of Dynamics 365 and find out how to improve sales as well as organizational processes, such as project settlement and management, thanks to the integrated Dynamics 365 platform.

It will be a practical training. Using real-life examples of companies and users, Sii specialists will explain how to manage areas related to sales, budgeting, project settlement and managing human capital and work time registration in projects.

During the on-line training the coaches will answer the participants’ questions via chat.

Practical information:

The webinar: Sales development in service companies with Dynamics 365”

Will take place on the 7th of June 2017 at 11:00 a.m.

Participation is free of charge.

Find more information about the webinar and the registration form under the link.

See you there!

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