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Internal project – a technological challenge and a development opportunity for engineers

Emerging new technologies which are being developed at a rapid pace stand for a big challenge for IT professionals. Sii Poland experts in their daily work use a wide range of various technologies. In addition to solutions created for the specific needs of customers, engineers also have the opportunity to participate in internal projects – this is where they explore and test in practice new topics that can develop and improve their competences. Smart Cars Demo or IoT Hub implemented by the Embedded Competency Center are just some of such solutions that Sii’s engineers are working on.

Dynamics of new technologies development

The world of technology is changing at a dizzying pace. New technologies are emerging as we go, and new ways of applicability are being found for solutions that have been around for years. Trends, which until recently have been the domain of startups and visionaries, are noticed by market giants. New, completely unknown problems are surfacing, the world around us is becoming more and more “connected”, “smart”, “autonomous”, “secure”. All this causes a constant need for IT professionals to broaden their horizons. Those individuals often pave the way for preparation for technological challenges of the market.

Internal projects – experience that pays off

Internally implemented projects stand for a perfect research laboratory, a forge of new solutions. Behind each one of this type is the appropriate business justification, i.e. the anticipated market demand for a similar solution or specific technologies.

Internal projects allow using a wide range of technologies (platforms, programming languages) and additional tools: to manage requirements, work in distributed teams or create documentation. Work on such solutions is also a place for Sii engineers to improve their skills, often turning purely theoretical knowledge into solid practical skills.

Autonomous cars and smart homes

As part of the execution of internal projects implemented by the Embedded Competency Center in Sii, so far, engineers have had the opportunity to work on projects such as:

  • Smart Cars Demo – a distributed real-time system that controls moving vehicles, based on a dedicated operating system from Green Hills Software.
  • IoT HUB – a universal hub for all kinds of wireless and wired devices from home automation area.

Throughout these projects, Sii experts had the opportunity to combine and develop many different competences. Such diversity, concerning both the creative process and technologies, as well as the ability to develop projects from a concept stage to a finished product is a great advantage you get by working at Sii and a reason for pride of our engineers creating such innovative solutions.

Do you want to be part of Sii team, which comprise of real enthusiasts? Take a look at our current job offers or check our offer to find out in which areas we can use our experience to help you grow your business.

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