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Invoice Kiosk – a much needed solution, which gained over 1200 users within the first months after release

Cooperation based on a B2B basis has already gained a lot of supporters, not only in the IT industry. However, the choice of this form of employment involves the obligation to issue monthly invoices for services provided. How to facilitate and improve the settlement process with freelancers? For this purpose, Sii Poland has created the Invoice Kiosk – a platform that allows contractors to issue and send invoices simply and pleasantly. Every month more than 1200 people use this solution.

Sii Poland consistently implements new solutions based on the Workers’ ideas for improvements. Every year, the company takes part in the Great Place to Work audit, thanks to which it receives detailed and reliable feedback from the workers. The suggestions can also be submitted at any time with the dedicated Ideas and Improvements application. Among people who share their opinions, freelancers constitute a very large group and it is for them that the Invoice Kiosk was created. The tool significantly improved the process of monthly settlements for services rendered.

The new platform has two main functionalities. Firstly, it is used to issue and send sales and correcting invoices for IT services provided to Sii Poland. Another advantage is the ability to send to Sii documents created on a different system. A few months after the platform’s launch, the company practically eliminated the problem of corrections and errors in invoices. Moreover, people employed on a B2B contract emphasize the speed and intuitiveness of using the tool and access to all documents on a collective dashboard.

– We are aware that to many people invoicing was witchcraft and caused a lot of stress. The Invoice Kiosk, an automated tool for invoicing, was an answer to that. It features autocomplete based on timesheets and requires only a few clicks. The solution was much needed and the numbers prove it. Within only a few months after release, we receive over 1200 invoices a month – says Ewelina Szylińska, Senior Power User/ Business Consultant w Sii Poland.

The final shape of the project is the result of a well-coordinated team of 10 experts with various specializations, including Architect, UX Designer, Power User, Analyst, Corporate Projects Manager, Research & Development Engineer and Test & Analysis Engineers. Moreover, end users were also involved in the process of creating the platform as consultants, so that the new solution best suits their needs.

Although the use of the Invoice Kiosk is not obligatory, from the very beginning a systematic increase in the number of users and sent invoices is visible. In the following months, Sii Poland plans to rewrite the application for a newer technology and further develop the platform based on the opinions of a large group of users who have decided to settle with its help.

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