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ISO 9001 – IT’S OURS!!

We would like to inform you with great pleasure, that Sii has received the certificate of compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

The implementation process of the ISO system started in June of the previous year and took 10 months to complete. The audit included IT services in the scope of software development and system integration, IT infrastructure management, tests, service desk and engineering services, provided according to defined cooperation models with the client.

The main processes under certification at Sii included: the sales, recruitment, service provision and administration processes. The implementation engaged employees from various departments of the company, the high management and the CEO of Sii.

ISO 9001 is a standard recognized and accepted all around the world, this is why the certificate was mainly supposed to be a confirmation of the high quality of processes and provided services for our clients. Nevertheless there are more benefits. The preparations to the certification process were an opportunity to organize and improve processes in the company, implement tools for process design and organization as well as for the development of cooperation between departments. This has positively affected the operation of the company and resulted in a further improvement of services and products offered to Sii’s clients.

We can say that the greatest success of the implementation of the standard, is the fact that it did not create excessive bureaucracy. ISO was implemented based on procedures and processes already functioning in the company. They were only refined, in order to make them meet the requirements of the standard. Thanks to this approach, the Quality Management System is not an artificial structure, created only for the purpose of the certification, but is a tool supporting the appropriate functioning of processes in the company – says Aleksandra Malinowska, Business Process Quality Assurance Specialist at Sii, responsible for implementing the ISO system.

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