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IT@BANK 2018: Sii is among key IT services providers in the banking industry

A ranking of IT companies providing services for the banking sector was announced during this year’s thirteenth IT@BANK conference. Sii repeated last year’s success and once again was named as a leader in several different categories.

IT@BANK 2018 is one of the biggest and most prestigious meetings for representatives of both IT and banking industries in Poland. The last edition was dedicated to the newest global trends in IT as well as the influence of new technologies on the development and effectiveness of the financial world.

As in previous years, the focal point of the event was announcing the results of a ranking created by “Miesięcznik Finansowy BANK” (Eng.: Monthly Finance Magazine BANK) of IT companies. As many as 57 enterprises from the ICT sector have fought for a place on this prestigious list. The criteria of evaluation included not only revenue, effectiveness and potential for development but also their position on the market which was based on points given by magazine’s editors. Taking into account software providers ranking and their position in the banking industry, Sii claimed the third place on the podium. The company was also a frontrunner in terms of development potential as well as effectiveness.

– One of our key business goals is to develop services provided to the banking industry. Sii’s high position in so many categories confirms that our strategy is not only advisable but, what is more important, effective as well. We already work with various banks from Poland and constantly increase the scope of our cooperation; particularly, in terms of technological advancement of offered services including predictive analytics, automation, robotics or technologies based on digital transformation – comments Jacek Czarnota, Banking Business Unit Director at Sii.

Economic upturn have not influenced profits generated by selling to the banking sector of all IT companies. It is most likely caused by the competition among providers.

– According to IDC report, industries such as finance are especially important in creating and developing digital economy. This sector becomes a driving force of processes connected with digitalization as competition for a client is fierce. At the same time, the expectations towards providers are heightened, and specializing in a given industry becomes crucial. Considering complexity of implemented solutions, we may say that entities managing capital are slowly becoming IT businesses offering banking services – adds Jacek Czarnota.
For more information on projects implemented by Sii, go to our page.

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