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Jacek Czarnota joined Sii in April

In April Sii team was joined by Jacek Czarnota, who previously worked for almost 20 years at SAS Institute, where he was responsible for the banking sector. The new Banking Business Unit Director is an expert in business analytics supporting the key initiatives, such as client relations management, risk management and fraud management.

At the end of April Jacek Czarnota joined the Warsaw branch of Sii. At SAS Institute, a company specialising in business intelligence, Czarnota was responsible for sales and implementation processes before coming to Sii. The new Director was overseeing the work of an over 100 people team of sales and consultants, pursuing projects for the biggest banks in Poland. Sii was looking for an expert in the field because, after many successfully accomplished projects for financial institutions, the company is focused on extending complex solutions offer for clients from the banking sector.

Performing the duties of a Banking Business Unit Director at Sii Warszawa, Jacek Czarnota will be seeking for more exciting projects in the banking sector for Sii’s portfolio. Extensive knowledge of the industry will facilitate the development of sales teams and acquiring key partners among the biggest polish and international financial institutions.

– Joining Sii is a great development opportunity and a chance to reach the biggest banks in Poland with Sii services. I was convinced mainly by the wide approach to technology, the possibility to make use of the previous experiences and knowledge as well as Sii’s development dynamics and a great team – says Jacek Czarnota.

According to the new Business Unit Director, Sii’s 15 values are of key importance in business. – Team work is particularly valuable to me. Exchanging information, mutual support and finally reaching the goal are fundamental. Respect and flexibility are also very important because everyone’s contribution is equally worthful. Some decisions are difficult, but they need to be based on dialogue and cooperation. Passion is also key. We live in a very interesting time and the world is changing at a great pace. Participating in this conversion is fascinating and gives a sense of empowerment – emphasises the new Director.

Privately Jacek Czarnota is a father of two sons and an active sportsmen. From the age of seven he has been training tennis, has run a few marathons and dozens of half-marathons. When he is not spending his time at a court or course, he is skiing, golfing or catching up on literature.

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