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Job Changer – a powerful tool designed to facilitate the process of changing career path

For more than a year Sii’s employees can use the Job Changer app. The company has created this pioneering solution to further support professional development through the possibility to change the project. The solution is dedicated to all those seeking new challenges and is often one of the significant arguments for candidates wishing to join Sii.

The next step in your career

Changes in professional life often require a lot of effort and courage. Apart from the fact that the job market becomes more and more attractive, taking part in any recruitment process is still linked with risk and requires much time and energy. Going through numerous offers, attending job interviews, gaining information on the new employer, and comparing expectations with reality—the candidate has to face all of this.

Job Changer is the answer to these problems because it allows you to change your career path inside the organization. The application allows you to change the project, area of specialization or location to one of the 12 Sii’s branches. With its help, you do not need to get acquainted with the organization and specifics of its operations, fulfill a bunch of formalities, get to know new work-time-reporting or invoicing system, internal portals, and company’s culture.

– The risk is minimal but you still get to enjoy all benefits coming from the change – says Joanna Kucharska, Chief Human Resources Officer at Sii. – Job Changer gives you a chance to change position, technology, or tasks, a whole range of possible changes. Providing access to an unknown technology or field, the app stimulates overall personal development. The employee definitely gets a boost of energy and his CV is enriched with new experience – she adds.

Supporting your choices

Employees decide to start working in a new project for many reasons. Sometimes, the trigger is easy to define – “I’m moving to a different city for personal reasons”, “I’m fascinated with a different technology”, or “I want to get to know a new area ”. It may also happen that the reason is less obvious or hard to identify – “I do not like how my superior manages people”, “I am no longer motivated to work and simply tired”, “I need new challenges”. In order to meet the expectations of employees, for many years, Sii has been offering them a flexible career model. Job Changer gives it a new quality. –The app is an indication of Sii’s understanding of the employee. Retention and HR Support departments, as well as Line Managers are always involved in its development process – explains Joanna Kucharska.

Individual approach

Job Changer is a flexible solution, designed remembering that all employees and their stories should be treated individually. The app facilitates the request-submission process and helps speed up all steps taken by the Retention and HR Support department. This convenient solution gives us more time for the analysis of each application.

Oddly enough, introducing a formal change path made our employees braver. It proved that Sii invests in development and supports personal decisions made in connection with projects. The campaign showing the solution’s benefits, targeted at both employees and managers, was launched last year. What are the results?

That’s exactly what I was looking for!

“I’m sailing into uncharted waters, never in my career have I felt so responsible for something, and that’s exactly what I wanted” – that’s a part of an e-mail from Hubert, a Software Engineer, sent to the Retention and HR support department after the project change. Such messages are the greatest proof of measurable benefits that come from introducing Job Changer at Sii. In the last 12 months, 261 requests were made. 53% ended with a successful project change, 25% are still in progress. 14% were withdrawn because the situation in a current project was improved or someone changed their mind. 3% of requests were rejected by the superior due to the employee’s poor performance or lack of engagement.  5% of requestors left Sii.

The statistics give an idea of how many people decide to change their career path and how many of them take up a new challenge. However, in Sii, passion, commitment and a sense of accomplishment count the most. That is why the opinions of satisfied employees bring special satisfaction and joy to the HR specialists – they prove that Job Changer really supports the career development.

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