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JuraSiic Park – Sara Siedlecka – Sii PreSales & Delivery

I have been working at Sii since May 2009. I never expected my career path to be as interesting and diverse!

I began my adventure with Sii as an assistant in the Recruitment Department, where I supported the team in their struggle with the first electronic data archiving. It was supposed to be a way to spend my summer vacation as a student. However, after half a year I realized that I would still race to the former Sii headquarters at Rejtana Street to enter as many resumes as possible into the system before, after and sometimes even during a break between anatomy lectures, dance or football practice and sports theory 😉

With the advent of December 2009, my recruitment duties were inexorably coming to an end. With sadness, I was getting ready to say goodbye to the office, which had already moved to ul. Puławska, and my daily coffee companions.

Fortunately, the opposite happened. As it turned out, Sii was looking to hire a new person for the Department of Administration and Settlements. I joined the team, which back then counted only two more people..

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After five years spent with other administrative “dinosaurs” struggling with invoices, contracts and newer and newer systems, I wanted to get to know the company more broadly.

Thanks to my love for settlement of IT projects, today I am a member of the PMO team. After six years, first in recruitment, later in administration, I have advanced to the technical department, working in the command center of large IT projects.

At PMO, there is a lot going on all the time. In short, my enormous responsibilities include supporting the implementation and maintenance of systems, as well as preparation of tools and procedures for settlement and monitoring of IT projects implemented by Sii.

What I appreciate most about Sii are the people. Cooperating with others is not always easy, but it has always been an inseparable part of my work at Sii – when dealing with the documents and invoices or settlement of IT implementations. I appreciate Sii for allowing me to meet many wonderful people, who not only teach me something new every day, but with whom I can share laugh, talk about life and have a beer on a Thursday.

After work, I listen to reggae and I search for inspiration in nature.  Critters and bugs do not scare me. In winter I am an avid snowboarder and skier; my summer weekends are best spent kayaking with friends.


Sara Siedlecka, PMO – PreSales & Delivery

Career path:
  • Recruitment Department Assistant
  • Administration Junior Specialist
  • Administration Senior Specialist
  • PMO – Presales & Delivery

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