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Knowledge sharing, integration and a real boost of motivation – over 440 managers from all over Poland attended this year’s Siinspiration

Achieving successes such as exceeding the number of 6 000 specialists in 14 locations all over Poland or PLN 1 billion in revenue would not be possible without the involvement and close cooperation of Sii Poland’s managers. To support effective knowledge sharing and integration, the company has been organizing Siinspiration for 13 years, each year key people in the organization meet for 2 days full of presentations and networking.

A recipe for better cooperation and integration

Siinspiration is an annual event for all managers and key people at Sii. The initiative started in 2009 by Grégoire Nitot, CEO and founder of Sii Poland, still serves its purpose perfectly today. One of the main goals of the meeting is to create a space for cooperation and sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas between sales teams, branches and competency centers. It is also 2 days to build motivation to achieve even better results and face new challenges, share best practices, summarize the last year of work, as well as celebrate successes and integrate.

– Siinspiration is our tradition. We have been meeting in this group for 13 years and it is a fixed point in the calendars of all Sii managers, and there are already 440 of them. In the previous year, due to the pandemic, we did not have the opportunity to meet physically in a larger group, and remote presentations via Teams are not the same. That is why we are extremely happy that this year we could return to a well-known formula. As usual, there was a solid dose of knowledge, inspiring conversations, but also time for integration and fun. Siinspiration is an initiative thanks to which the Sii team works like a well-oiled machine – says Joanna Kucharska, Chief Human Resources Officer at Sii Poland.

Presentation of the results and directions for development

The agenda of the meeting has been changing with the growing number of participants. Currently, one of the main points includes the presentation of Grégoire Nitot during which participants can find out more about, among others, the company’s current financial results, successes, failures and the most important changes implemented in the last year. Moreover, there is the presentation of development plans, investments and challenges for the next year, which is an inseparable element of the meeting.

In addition, managers can choose from a number of substantive presentations as part of thematic paths, such as sales, project delivery or soft skills. Between meetings, there is time for networking, and in the evening for team integration.

Celebrating successes together

Siinspiration is also a time to sum up the successes of the past year and reward the best of the best. Before the event, directors of given departments and C-level professionals responsible for given fields choose persons, teams or projects which achieved the most spectacular successes in the previous year. The podium belongs to the best in the following categories:​

  • Best Regional Recruitment Team
  • Best Regional HR Operations & Billing team (worker administration & HR suport)
  • Best marketing event, campaign or marketing / PR or CSR initiative
  • Best movie delivered
  • Best Internal IT application or project
  • Best project delivered
  • Best RM
  • Best DM
  • Best CC
  • Best Sales Manager
  • Best Industry
  • Best Regional Site
  • Best client of the year

If you want to join our team and create the Best Workplace in Poland with us, check out our job offers.

Watch a short relation from this year’s Siinspiration.

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