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Learn about Marta’s career path and discover how she became a Dynamics 365 consultant, starting her adventure at Sii in the administration department

Marta Skibińska, Consultant at Dynamics 365 Competency Center, took care of administrative and HR processes in Sii for almost 10 years. Six months ago she completely changed her career goals. Learn more about Marta’s path and check why it’s worth trying your hand at IT. 

Tell us your story with Sii. When did you join the Gdańsk administration team?

In the last year of my studies, I was looking for a job in a company that would allow me to gain experience in an administrative position. Sii’s offer perfectly suited the areas in which I wanted to develop at that moment, which is why I decided to apply for the position of Assistant in the Administration team. The rest is history.

You started working at Sii as an Assistant in the Administration team, but over time you were promoted to the position of HR Operations Team Leader and deputy head of the department. How have your duties changed in the various positions?

Over10 years, my duties in the Administration Department have changed very dynamically. During the first few months of work at Sii, I mainly settled cost documents and was responsible for the management of fixed assets in the Gdańsk location. After just a few months, I joined the team issuing sales invoices and settling long foreign business trips. I quickly found myself comfortable in the new function and developed my skills, and because of that I was promoted to a specialist.

At the time I took on the lead role, I took over the care of a group of clients from a given business unit. I handled contacts with clients as well, along with the coordination of the team. When I became the deputy head of the department, my responsibilities included recruiting new employees, preparing and verifying contracts with external companies, managing a team, and implementing new organizational processes.

The biggest challenge in this period was managing the team that has moved to remote or hybrid work with the outbreak of the pandemic. During this time, due to the specific work model, it was necessary to pay special attention to the correct circulation of documents, as well as ensuring a smooth flow of information, which is crucial in the Administration department.

You have been working as a Consultant in the Dynamics 365 Competency Center for six months now. What caused this significant change in your career path?

My main motivation to change my career path was the desire to develop towards IT, acquire technical skills and meet new people. Sii is already a very large company with an extensive structure, which creates opportunities for development in the direction chosen by the employees. Additionally, it gives them all a chance to change the project by taking part in internal recruitment and using the Job Changer application. I applied for a specific internal job ad, but I also used the Job Changer in parallel, which gave me access to additional internal offers.

What is your working day like today?

The task of the Dynamics 365 consultant is to implement optimal solutions and best system practices in relation to business requirements. On a daily basis, I analyze, design, and create business process documentation and support end users. I start each working day with a series of meetings during which we discuss current plans and tasks. Based on the morning arrangements, I proceed with their implementation.

The greatest satisfaction at work for me is the opportunity to participate in an international project, thanks to which I discover new system functionalities.

Do you have any advice for people who want to change their career path and develop into a D365 consultant?

I would tell each person that it is worth trying and you should not be afraid of new challenges. The Dynamics 365 team welcomed me with open arms, there is a great atmosphere here, which motivates me to constantly expand my knowledge.

Just like Marta, use your potential with IT! Check job offers and join us!

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