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Let’s start Geek Academy powered by Sii!

3 … 2 … 1! First week of the Geek Academy behind us – on 3 August 2015 officially started an innovative educational program in the Tricity. During the next four weeks 22 enthusiasts of new technologies will face a solid dose of practical knowledge. Participants for more than 120 hours will develop technical skills under the guidance of experts from the Sii Gdańsk.

Geek Academy is a month course of programming and testing from scratch on the initiative of the Gdansk branch of Sii. The aim of the project is to share knowledge with motivated IT enthusiasts who will “program” their careers and will enter the labor market. Geek Academy is dedicated to those who have always wanted to learn how to develop their IT skills, but did not have such an opportunity before.

Recruitment for the Academy began in July this year and it has gone beyond all expectations. In less than 30 days more than 150 motivated adventurers signed up to the Academy. Of all the submitted applications Sii selected 22 candidates. Everyone already joined the Academy from August. Participants of Geek Academy have similar level of knowledge. The organisers were able to match the substantial scope of activities to the characteristics of the group. Within a month the group will face issues such as: architecture frameworks testing, test strategy planning, implementation, analysis and interpretation of results. In addition hardware, software, basics of programming in C #, TCL, Python, Microsoft Visual Studio, Linux, project management and much more.

Academy classes take place 5 times a week, 6 hours a day in a business complex Olivia Business Centre. Geek Academy will run until August 31 and will finish with an official gala for the participants. For the best geeks there is possibility of employment in Sii. The partners of the project are: Olivia Business Centre, Gazeta Wyborcza and Invest in Pomerania.

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