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Making work simple with ServiceNow, one of the most innovative platforms for digitalizing workflows

Sii Poland has been a registered ServiceNow partner since 2016. For more than three years we have been successfully providing support to our global clients by delivering dedicated teams of Sii experts and end-to-end projects. The goal of every ServiceNow solution is to make work simple and fast. Michał Pomaskow, Software Engineer at Sii Poland, talks about putting this idea into practice. 

How long have you been working with ServiceNow and why you have chosen this specialization? 

Michał Pomaskow, Software Engineer at Sii Poland: My journey with ServiceNow started in the middle of 2016. Previously, I worked for several years as a web developer. When I was searching for a potential change, I discovered an opportunity related to the ServiceNow platform. After some reading and finding out how big progress this solution was making, I had no doubts I’d like to step in.  

ServiceNow can be successfully implemented in companies of different sizes and operating in different sectors. It can also support various areas within the organization: an IT or HR departments, customer service and many more. It is fascinating how many possibilities it gives when it comes to digitalizing workflows and transforming the old ways of working. The goal of every solution provided by ServiceNow is to make your work easier and faster. And to cite one of the company’s claimswhen people work better, business works better. 

What are you currently working on? 

M.P.: CurrentlyI work for the global audit and advisory company. Sii Poland is its trusted partner for internal platform maintenance and development.  

My team works according to the SCRUM methodology, having in mind both our client’s and our resources. Each of us has a specified role. On the top there is a lead architect who takes care of the whole environment, next is the solution architect who designs the specific solutions. My role is to define and develop the technical implementation. 

There are numerous projects which are waiting in the pipeline. It’s exciting that there are so many different topics I can work on. It is also challenging, helps me to develop my skills, and provides motivation. 

Which projects were the most challenging so far? 

M.P.: One of the most challenging projects was focused on designing and creating a multi-domain environment for an international IT provider. The project took us almost 6 months. The newly created instance is now successfully used by several clients. 

Another one concerned financial application for a large pharmaceutical company from Switzerland. We developed several solutions for them and I’ve had a key impact on the performance of the final one. During load tests, I found that the code created by the team is not efficient and consumes all server resources. With my knowledge I was able to modify this crucial part in one day to bring the whole project to production on time. 

I also worked on the design and creation of CMDB (Configuration Management Database) and discovery solution setup. This one was delivered for a retail company. The biggest challenge here was to maintain several interfaces and data structures. This solution is now fully operational and further improved by a new team. 

What is the main challenge in providing projects in the ServiceNow area? 

M.P.: The ServiceNow platform is designed with care by its creators. The solutions are built to follow global standards or common approach in multiple areas. This, however, is not always enough when we match it with the client’s environment. Sometimes we need to additionally customize the solution, which involves some creative work and out-of-the box ideas. 

ThServiceNow platform is under constant development to provide new features and improve the existing ones, so you need to be uptodate with technical knowledge and the most recent certifications from the different areas of ServiceNow.  

What is the biggest challenge most clients face? What kind of support do they need? 

M.P.: ServiceNow as a company, like its product, is developing very quicklyIn 2018 it was recognized by Forbes as the most innovative product in the world. This fast growth means that there was not much time to train a sufficient number of specialists in the area so it’s often not easy to create a team for an effective project delivery. Especially if you are struggling with close deadlines 

At Sii Poland, I have a chance to work in an experienced team on a variety of projects. We are supporting different clients in many types of tasks, ranging from smaller ones like maintenance and upgrades to huge implementation and we can still see a vital need for support of qualified experts on the market. I am pretty sure that this work will keep me busy with ambitious and challenging projects for many years to come. 

If you want to find out more about the ServiceNow solutions, visit our website. 

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