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Meet Kasia, who started at the front desk, and Sii was her first job. 10 years later, with experience in several teams, she develops her career as a Lead Resource Manager

3 locations, 3 areas of specialization, 8 positions and almost 11 years in the company. Katarzyna Gmyrek, Resource Manager (RM) at the Testing Competency Center tells the story of her career path – dynamic, flexible and above all, filled with growth.

How did your career path at Sii begin?

My story with Sii started completely by accident. At the age of 20, I was looking for my first professional experience, not yet having a clearly defined area in which I would like to develop. I wanted a job that I would be able to combine with my studies. Sii was the first and only company to which I applied, after the first interview I was accepted, and after two weeks I started working in the Warsaw branch. It was destiny 😊

I started my adventure at Sii as an administrative assistant and my responsibilities included working at the reception, office management, document settlement and other similar tasks. From the beginning, I knew it was the right role for me because I love working with people and when there is a lot going on around me. I think that thanks to this function, I had the opportunity to get to know the organization really well and quickly find myself in it.

At that time, the reception desk cooperated very closely and supported local administration departments. So when after a few months, I received a proposal to move to the role of a specialist in administration at the company’s headquarters (HQ), I did not hesitate for a moment. Later, I had the opportunity to enter the structures of the then emerging PSD unit, where I was responsible for all administrative support for this department. While settling projects and working closely with Project Managers, Competency Centers formed (then we called them Practices), and I came to the conclusion that this is an area that interests me very much.

Therefore, subsequent changes in departments and roles – the PMO coordinator, and then the project coordinator – came very naturally to me and resulted from the possibility of developing my competences in this area.

Reception, central administration, project coordination – at the beginning of your journey you had several different positions, and for some time you also worked as an assistant to the CEO. Which of the roles was the most difficult for you?

I think that the biggest challenge for me was the role of the project coordinator, in which I was responsible for all communication with the clients as part of our projects. My task was to track the progress of, and solve problems of the project teams. Thanks to the knowledge gained from PMO, I had a very good theoretical basis, but the practice is something completely different. However, I could count on the support of experienced colleagues.

For you who counted on the answer that it was the role of the assistant of the CEO, I will answer: no 😊 I was Greg Nitot’s first assistant, back then the role did not have such a professional scope of duties and requirements as it does today. Nor was I a full-time assistant, I combined these tasks with a role in administration, so Greg only gave me the most important tasks.

Another position you took at Sii was the Resource Manager at the Digital Competency Center, and then the same role at the Testing Competency Center. Is the work in both units significantly different from each other?

When I became a RM at the Digital Competency Center, this role was just emerging in the company, the scope of duties and responsibilities were not too clearly defined. Therefore, I had the opportunity to influence how it was shaped. Competency Centers were not as firmly embedded in the organization back then as they are now. It was a big challenge.

After some time, moving to the Testing Competency Center, I found a thriving department. Here I could focus on what I like the most, e.g. optimization. In teams, however, people are the most important because they create the atmosphere of the workplace and motivate me to act. And in both of these departments, I found some really great colleagues.

Over the years, you have worked in several Sii branches – from Warsaw, through Gdańsk, to Kraków. How do you recall relocation between departments?

In fact, the relocation process in Sii is very simple. Sharing my idea to move with my Line Managers, I never encountered any obstacles, I had full support. The most difficult thing was to make the decision when moving to Gdańsk – in Warsaw I had my friends, family, and beloved places.

However, I wanted to experience something new, I have always dreamed of living by the sea. I knew that if I did not acclimatize, I had this comfortable opportunity to return to the Warsaw branch.

People in Gdańsk did not disappoint, the atmosphere was very friendly and all my friends and colleagues from the team were helpful. I quickly felt at home. And perhaps I would have stayed there longer, had it not been for the fact that soon after moving to Gdańsk I met my future (now current 😉) husband … and I already knew that another relocation awaited me!

You are currently working as Lead Resource Manager in the Testing Competency Center, you are responsible for a team of over 450 engineers. Having been promoted shortly after returning from maternity leave, how do you find yourself in your new role?

This role brings me a lot of satisfaction – it allows me to combine the areas of HR, recruitment, administration, and sales. The work of a Resource Manager is really incredibly diverse! The role of Lead also allows me to manage a fantastic team of RMs, support them in their daily work, and optimize the processes that take place in our Competency Center. I am a person who loves well-organized processes, I am constantly looking for opportunities to improve them. Not just for the sake of doing it, but to maximize the efficiency and support for the people who use them.

I am a well-organized person on a daily basis, but I also have enormous support in the company, everyone is understanding. That’s why I have no problem combining my professional duties with the work of a mother of two kids. And this is a 24-hour job.

In fact, shortly after my return from a 2,5-year maternity leave, I was given the opportunity to develop myself in a new role. I am extremely proud to work in a company that is not only a stable employer and supports mothers in their return to work, but also relies on women and allows us to develop on many levels.

You have been with Sii for almost 11 years. From the perspective of an observer of changes that have taken place in the company in the long term, what do you value the most?

The company is greatly evolving – we are a very mature business and process-oriented organization. I like our order, but it is also important that we can allow ourselves to be flexible. However, what I value the most in Sii are two things: the fantastic atmosphere that has not changed over the years and the fact that we focus on people. I am an example of this.

Just like Kasia, use your potential with Sii! Check job offers and join us!

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