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Meet our experts to discover the stories of their flexible career paths

There is no one right way of development in Sii Poland. Flexible career paths allow employees to shape their future based on predispositions and ambitions, and tools such as Job Changer or a dedicated website on the company’s Intranet improve the process of changing roles. 

The mission of Sii Poland is to identify and develop their best employees, which is why the company provides the opportunity for an individual approach to career development, depending on their needs, ambitions and predispositions. There are several variants to choose from, including managerial path, directly related to business development and client work, technical expert path or management of internal departments and processes of the company. Each of these areas works a bit differently, but they share a common recipe for success finding passion in improving the work of the organization every day. 

The Job Changer application allows employees to change the project in a quick way, and for those most ambitious, the company offers additional initiatives, such as specialized training or mentoring. If you wish to participate in the company growth, you can also engage in many other ways. 

Business managerial path 

One of Sii Poland‘s strategic goals is a continuous business development and winning against the competition. This is the task for Sii Leaders – sales managers, pre-sales and project delivery managers. Those people-persons, who feel good in negotiations and working with the client can develop towards managerial positions in the Sales and PSD Department. These leaders are Sii’s key employees. What does work look like from their perspective and what do they do every day? 

 My daily duties include project-specific tasks (…). as well as pre-sales activities, examining the needs of our sellers and current customers. Especially the last part gives me a lot of satisfaction – says Maciej Jagielski, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland 

 – Every day I conduct recruitment processes, sign contracts with employees, organize events, I am responsible for participation in industry meetings, I deal with office space, budgeting, documentation and most importantly, looking for projects inside the company that employees from Sii Białystok could carry out. Some of these responsibilities are new to me, but I’m happy to be able to do them, because thanks to that I’m growing – admits Barbara Piekarska, Regional Manager of the Sii’s youngest branch. 

Management of Sii processes and internal teams 

Workers of Sii’s back office departments have a number of development opportunities in the areas of administration, HR, recruitment, organization change management, controlling, purchasing, marketing, legal support or the internal IT department and service desk. These departments often work together to develop the best business solutions, affecting the operation of the entire organization. 

– The Product Owner’s job involves responsibility because he or she is accountable, to a large extent, for the final result – the product that is delivered to the customer. On the other hand, I feel over the moon when the employees enjoy using applications that I was involved in creating – explains Joanna Karpowicz, Product Owner of several internal applications in the field of HR, controlling, administration & payroll, for example, Job Changer application.  

Sebastian Połeć, who started his career at Sii from Service Desk teamand through Product Owner position became a Project Manageradmits  It’s hard work, which carries many challenges and a huge responsibility, but rewards everything with satisfaction, the possibility of personal development and cooperation with the best specialists from various IT areas. 

Expert path 

People who are specialists in a selected field can follow the expert path and deepen their knowledge in a specific area. This is associated with the improvement and acquisition of competences in a given area, as well as development on-the-job. Through knowledge and skills, you can become an authority and support to your team and other employees. There are many possibilities for development towards an expert in Sii. Starting from the back office departments, where office management assistant can build a knowledge base towards administration and billing specialist, or a talent acquisition specialist towards recruiter, to technical teams and, for example, the development of a manual tester towards a test developer, business analyst or programmer. 

These paths can be interwoven – you can also decide on a horizontal career change.  

 I felt that I needed a change and it would be a good time to enter a new area. I thought about specialization between business and IT, e.g. business analysis, I also considered testing (…). In retrospect, I think testing was a good choice, I had to learn a lot at the time. (…) Currently, it is a lot of fun for me to translate technical issues to others – says Agata Szwichtenbergwho started working at Sii as a recruiter and with the trust of her colleagues from Sii and a client, joined the other side as Test and Analysis Engineer. 

Just a few clicks to start the change process

The Job Changer application is the next step in the implementation of the Sii Power People mission. If you need project, department, technology or work location change inside the company, without the external recruitment, there’s nothing easier! Just submit an application, have a conversation with a representative of the local HR department, during which the expectations and competencies of the employee are raised, and then wait for internal offers. 

 About 2-3 weeks have passed between sending the application and talks with the new client. (…) The transition was very smooth. In addition, I had the feeling that I was leaving the team with a well-prepared successor who would handle it – says Daniel DumowskiTest & Analysis Engineerfor whom the project change gave the motivation for further learning and enabled work in an international environment. 

Every year more and more people use Job Changer. In 2019, more than 370 applications for project change were submitted – this is more than twice as much as in the corresponding period in previous years. However, the company is not resting on its laurels. In July this year, an additional website was launched, a part of the internal portal dedicated to career paths and development opportunities in the company. Thanks to this page, access to them is even simpler. 

Additional development initiatives 

Changing your career path is not the only way to work on your experience at Sii  the company’s offer for the employees and co-workers involves many additional initiatives. You can develop your skills as an expert trainer through Sii Training PracticeIn addition, specialists also share their knowledge through articles on the company blog (BlogerSii). The company also has a mentoring program for all managers and people with the highest work rating (Top Gun). Thanks to this program, employees can grow under the wings of experienced Sii Leaders and into their successors. Practice shows that through participation in the programboth Mentor and Mentee gain new knowledge, perspective and inspiration.  

The are many challenges awaiting the employees related to professional development  from those included in daily work, to those aimed at building their path in the long term. 

 It is quite valuable that we have that many career paths in Sii. Surely everyone in the company knows people who have already been promoted. Before the change, you can talk to them about what has changed, what surprised them, what they are happy about. Not everyone knows what they want to do in the future, not everyone is sure of their strengths. The company supports you with both the tools and the experience of older colleagues – says Patryk Święczkowski, who worked as Senior Developer and Technical Lead, and now is a Solution Architect. At the same time, Patryk shares his knowledge during trainings and conferences, moreover he is engaged in marketing and HR actions. He appreciates flexible career paths at Sii. 

Check our job offers and join Sii Poland team! 

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