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Modern Desktop – easy and secure data access from anywhere in the world

Modern Desktop allows employees to easily access company data wherever they work. It increases productivity, convenience and security while reducing user costs. Sii Poland experts implemented Modern Desktop solution based on Microsoft tools for one of their key customers, an Icelandic shipping company with several offices around the world.

Remote work in a distributed environment

The main challenge faced by Sii’s client, one of Iceland’s oldest logistics companies, was to improve the efficiency of services provided in the organization scattered around the world. Above all, key success factor for the client was to enable employees to work remotely in an effective manner and access corporate data regardless of the device they use and physical locations where they work at.

One additional issue was the security of the entire system, which, due to its dispersed structure and the need to provide considerable flexibility to its users, is particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Solutions provided by Sii experts as part of the Modern Desktop service were as follows:

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility
  • Microsoft Enteprise Security

Individual approach

Working for a client with many branches scattered around the world, it was necessary to introduce individually tailored solutions. It was necessary to have a flexible approach to the needs of individual locations and the deadline for making changes, which required adaptation to the dynamics of work and availability of system’s end users.

Thanks to the proprietary methodology, the developed system allowed a change in work schedule related to migration to the new solution even a day or two in advance.

Benefits of introducing Modern Dektop

Crucial parts of the project implemented by Sii Poland experts were:

  • Unification of naming convention, which made it possible to simplify migration of processes to cloud, and at the same time enabled easier management of the organization and elevated security level.
  • Automating cloud migration – Sii experts developed over 50 PowerShell-based scripts that supported its various stages.
  • Simplified user management, granting permissions and assigning licenses, which translated into reduced costs.
  • Synchronization of user data with personal OneDrive and data consolidation through the use of PowerShell scripts.
  • Relieving the central IT department and improving the process of distributing applications necessary for work.

Transferring data to cloud contributed to the reduction of expenses related to servers’ maintenance, embracing procurement of IT infrastructure components (servers, disk arrays, licenses) and maintenance costs (electricity, space).

– We already know that the changes implemented in this project brought a visible improvement in the work of both end users and administrators maintaining directory services and Microsoft 365 – says Artur Klimowicz, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland.

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