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This year, the MVP award went ex aequo to Ewa Cieślińska, Sales, Team Leaders & Service Delivery Managers Power User and Paulina Ryczkowska, Administration Power User. The girls received the award for harmonising data in the AX and CRM systems, which translated into the arrangement of data and making work easier for other employees. During the work on this project, they showed engagement even on weekends. Most of all, it was diligence, great project management skills and lots of motivation and engagement, which allowed to successfully achieve the intended goal. Big congratulations!


Paulina has been working at Sii for two and a half years. She started her career in the Administration Department as a Junior Administration Specialist, where for 18 months, she was taking care of one of Sii Clients. She was then promoted to the position of Administration Power User.

Ewa started working for Sii three years ago. At the beginning, similarly to Paulina, she worked in the Administration Department, where she hosted the position of Settlement & Administration Specialist and was a Team Leader. After two years she got promoted to the Marketing and Sales Support Department and is currently hosting the position of Sales, Team Leaders & Service Delivery Managers Power User.

Their work involves supporting users, collecting requirements from sales, Team Leaders and Service Delivery Managers. They make sure that all process  utilized in the company and all applications are tailored to the needs of people and teams who report their demands.

The girls maintain order and introduce improvements, at the same time killing bureaucracy! Their tasks include supporting users in everyday work and taking care of the quality of data delivered in the systems.

Their work is full of everyday challenges. However, the girls see them as an area for self-fulfilment. A diversity of tasks, large freedom and responsibility are the elements, which they particularly appreciate in their work. They see direct effects during the implementation process and the final presentation of the product.

I think that the most important feature, which distinguishes us and gave us the chance to receive the award is ambition, in other words, the way we approach the tasks carried out. I believe that each new task is a great challenge for us! We accept them with everything they bring along and if there are difficulties, we overcome them. We hope that our efforts are appreciated and that all the users are satisfied with themsays Paulina Ryczkowska, Administration Power User.

To this add involvement, because we get involved 100% and sometimes even more. We also hope that it doesn’t go unnoticed that teamwork is also our strength.  We have the SiiSpirit too, so I think, there is power! – added Ewa Cieślińska, Sales, Team Leaders & Service Delivery Managers Power User.

Privately, Paulina lives in Wrocław. She likes skiing and has just started her adventure with surfing! Ewa normally lives in Gdańsk, so she spends a lot of time at the seaside. She likes cycling and travelling! She tries to visit new places in every free moment!

We warmly congratulate and wish further development, at work and in their personal lives! 🙂

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