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New Sii Office Modeled After Silicon Valley Giants – 6 Thousand sq. m with a Slide Between Floors

Sii, one of the largest IT employers in Pomerania, is moving to the newly built skyscraper Olivia Star in the business complex Olivia Business Centre. The Gdańsk branch signed a contract covering the lease of 6 thousand. sq. m of office space and became the first tenant of Olivia Star. Sii employees will start their work in the new premises in early 2017. Until then, the global IT services provider wants to employ over 700 engineers in Tricity.

– The opening of the new office is a result of the development of cooperation with local customers, and the expansion into international markets. We realize more and more projects for foreign partners. This involves the continuous need to increase employment of qualified specialists – says Michael Desmurs, Managing Director at Sii Gdańsk. – While planning to create new job positions, we need a much larger office space with a very high standard. Therefore, we decided to rent an office in Olivia Business Centre the choice was obvious to us, we focus primarily on work comfort and Olivia Star will certainly provide it – adds Desmurs.

Sii has an ambitious goal– creating the friendliest office space for employees among IT companies in Poland in Olivia Star – During the process of designing the new headquarters we drew our inspiration from the Silicon Valley giants  like Google, Facebook or Apple. Personally, I had the opportunity to visit their office and I must say that they make an electrifying impression both in terms of arrangement and interior design, and unique solutions creating a space tailored to the needs of employees. We also want to move in this direction – explains the Sii Gdańsk Director. In the new workplace, in addition to offices there will be relax rooms, game zones, a gym, and even a slide connecting the adjacent floors.

In Poland Sii employs first-class IT engineers. With 2300 employees It is one of the fastest growing companies in the IT sector and industrial engineering. The company has 8 offices in major Polish cities. The Gdansk branch develops international projects for clients from all over the world. In the framework of the current projects Sii Gdańsk is looking for experienced programmers, testers, analysts, system architects, automation specialists  and roboticists.

The agreement with Sii opens a next stage in the history of Olivia Business Centre. This is the first lease in the Olivia Star skyscraper, which is still under construction. It will be the largest building in Olivia Business Centre – says Maciej Kotarski,responsible for the commercialization of Olivia Business Centre. Such a large leasable space as 6 thousand. sq. m proves on one hand the attractiveness of the Olivia Star project , on the other hand the development opportunities for our residents. Initially, in 2012 the Sii office area in Olivia Business Centre amounted to 1,240 sq. m. Increasing it fivefold, to match the growing needs of the company, would be possible in few office buildings in Poland. None of them, provide as many facilities and services that affect customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Olivia Business Centre in Gdansk is the largest and most modern office and business Centre in the region. Its target size will be over 120 000 sq. m, making Olivia Business Centre, the largest office complex in Poland. Three conference centers, a medical center with a pharmacy, 3 restaurants, a Starbucks coffee shop, a kindergarten and nursery, 4 banks, a modern junior high school, a beauty salon, a notary, a charging point for electric cars and O4, one of the largest co-working spaces in Europe are available to the  residents of the Centre. Olivia Business Centre has over 1,600 parking spaces, 200 bicycle racks and 5 changing rooms with showers. A a two-storey fitness studio, CityFit,  will open next year.

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