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New SiiPortal – it is on!

Yesterday, the new SiiPortal was launched. The new Intranet, available to all Sii’s employees and freelancers upon logging, is a combination of a news portal and platform for sharing knowledge and communication. Accessing the company’s applications, submitting the holiday requests, managing and working on projects with other team members, participating in discussion panels – are just the teasers of the full array of possibilities our new portal offers.

The works on the new SiiPortal, created thanks to the close cooperation between Sii’s Internal IT Department and Business, lasted for over a year. The new platform is based on Microsoft SharePoint technology, which apart from Intranet and discussion platform functionalities, additionally offers the possibility to manage administrative issues, such as: submitting holiday requests or reporting working time.

The introduction of the new platform is aimed at optimization of the communication in the company as well as guaranteeing the most secure information flow between Sii Branches. The new SiiPortal allows the workers to store and access all the documents in one place. More details about the functionalities of SiiPortal, you will find in the latest edition of Sii Magazine.

As usual, the success of the new project we celebrated together. In Lublin Delivery Center, which gathers the SharePoint team members, as well as in Warsaw Branch, where the representatives of Administration and HR departments work, we marked the occasion with a cake and champagne.

Great thanks to the SiiPortal Team and as to SiiPortal users – enjoy the new platform!


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