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Online trainings in Sii Poland – a convenient and effective way to develop competences

Sii Polska has expanded its offer with new online training dates in Polish and English. Currently, classes include PRINCE2®, ITIL®, Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, AgilePM® and ISTQB. All remote courses are as effective as those taught in the traditional formula, thanks to a set of good practices developed by Sii experts.

Online trainings conducted by experienced trainers are a convenient and fully valuable form of learning, and the tools used by the company allow the participant to gain knowledge as in full-time classes. The best proof that a change in the formula of the workshop does not affect its attractiveness or efficiency is the high ratings of online courses conducted in recent weeks by the Sii Training Practice.

Good practices in conducting online training

With technological solutions such as Microsoft Teams, participants not only see and hear the trainer but also can chat, share documents, collaborate in subgroups in separate virtual spaces or observe a virtual board that replaces the classic flipchart.

Each participant has the opportunity to ask questions, both by voice and using chat. During the classes, the trainer separates Q&A sessions (questions and answers) to further discuss any doubts that arise.

The trainings are carried out for groups of no more than 10 people, thanks to that full interaction between participants and individual contact with each of them are possible. Participants can use a dedicated virtual room, the so-called “Coffee room”, for free conversations during breaks.

Among the good practices that Sii uses is the division of classic 2 or 3-day trainings into 3-4 hour sessions, carried out at intervals, which allows participants to be kept in the training process while fulfilling other duties.

Working in a virtual environment requires a different approach. Thematic sessions are shorter (about 50 minutes) with a break after each. Participants learn at shorter time intervals and have a lot of different exercises (questions, case studies, games, tests, case studies), which not only helps maintain concentration but also makes classes are more interesting.

Experience in working in virtual environments and proven tools

Sii Poland and the trainers cooperating with it have been operating in remote mode for years. Trainers are business practitioners and work as consultants and implementers daily. They have extensive experience in working in virtual and distributed environments, and the tools used during training are a natural part of their work.

The Microsoft Teams application, used to conduct online training, has been used for many months in Sii for everyday communication between employees. It is a modern cloud-based service that allows to organize video conferences, exchange instant messages and files. MS Teams is a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool, besides, each trainer before starting the training explains functionalities of the tool, and helps solve any problems throughout the training.

New training paths

In addition to existing workshops, responding to the needs of its customers, Sii Poland experts have developed new, dedicated training paths for teams, companies and individual employees. They focus on particularly important issues:

  • How to work in a distributed team?
  • What tools and techniques help to carry out tasks remotely?
  • How to be effective at your home office?

To find out more about the Sii’s new trainings, check the Training Practice offer.

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