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Openness to change – how Sii Poland develops through employees’ ideas

Sii Poland implements new solutions inside the organization. In recent months, the internal recruitment process has been improved, and employees in managerial positions have been included in the mentoring program. The upcoming quarters will bring another novelties, such as the employee competence matrix, and Candidate Portal that allows for even faster recruitment process. Many of the implemented projects are ideas submitted by employees.

Sii Poland bases its development on customer satisfaction and employees’ needs. Every year, company participates in the Great Place to Work audit, thanks to which it receives detailed and reliable feedback from its employees. In addition, in all branches regularly take place meetings with company’s management, during which challenges are identified and decisions on implementation of further improvements are made. Employees can also share their ideas at any time, using a dedicated application Ideas and improvements. 

– Ideas and opinions of our employees are our motivation for introducing changes within our organization. We analyze all ideas and try to implement them. We focus not only on the satisfaction and work comfort of people employed at Sii Poland, but also on the satisfaction of clients and candidates through new tools and solutions oriented towards their needs and expectations  says Aleksandra Malinowska, Corporate Projects Manager at Sii Poland. 

Currently, as part of internal roadmap, nearly 30 various projects are being implemented, which are often employees’ initiatives. One of them is competence matrix. Each employee’s skills will be defined on a uniform scale. This will allow for even more precise monitoring of person’s development, planning career paths, matching trainings, as well as significantly improving the process of finding suitable candidates for implemented projects. The system will allow for comparing competences with customer requirements and will facilitate finding appropriate offers in the internal recruitment process. The solution will be applied to all employees in the organization, both technical and back-office positions. 

The company is also introducing projects that will significantly improve the application process to Sii Poland. Currently improvements in job search are being implemented, and in the second half of this year, all people taking part in recruitment process will receive access to the Candidate Portal, based on Sharepoint technology. In addition to sending a CV, the candidate will also be able to apply to the company without having to attach documents – just by filling out details on the Portal. It will also be possible to change or update the data, as well as check the status of application, at any time. In next stages, it is planned to extend the functionalities by creating a profile through integration with the LinkedIn. 

The company is also working on mentoring program which is available for managers in the organization since September. The project is designed to facilitate the achievement of personal goals related to employee development and dealing with every day work challenges thanks to the support of people with more experience. The program includes mature managers who play the role of mentors, and people with less experience in managerial positions, i.e. their mentees. The mentor’s role is to share knowledge resulting from their practice, so that the mentee can draw conclusions from their experience and avoid similar mistakes. The manager can choose a mentor based not only on the convergence of tasks, but also depending on their management style. 

Sii Poland is also constantly analyzing the possibilities of improvement in the sales area. Currently, work is underway on a dedicated platform for communication and settlements with the company’s clients. Thanks to it, people cooperating with the organization will be able to manage their orders, invoices and contracts in one place and maintain constant contact with the company’s representatives. This solution will be especially helpful for Sii Poland customers using full catalog of the supplier’s services, cooperating with the company on a one-stop-shop basis. 

Changes are an inseparable element of Sii Poland’s policy. The organization is constantly developing and working on improvements, and thanks to the opinions and ideas of employees, activities are fully tailored to their needs. All solutions, including those dedicated to clients and candidates, are created thanks to the company’s openness to changes.

Read also about the Invoice Kiosk, a platform that allows contractors to issue and send invoices simply and pleasantly.  

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