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Over 270 000 users already benefit from the support of the Sii Poland IT Operations Competency Center

IT Operations Competency Center in Sii Poland employs over 300 specialists and supports over 270 000 users in more than 2 300 locations. Every year, its clients base expands by several dozen. In the last financial year, ITO Competence Center recorded 97% growth as compared to the previous year. Jarosław Lakutowicz, CC Director, talks about what a comprehensive approach to providing services looks like and what allows providing clients with a competitive advantage.

What are the benefits of cooperation with the ITO Competency Center?

Jarosław Lakutowicz: Our IT Operations Competency Center focuses primarily on supporting clients in four main areas: Service Desk, IT Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and ServiceNow, of which we are a partner. In the case of Service Desk, we are dealing with all kinds of support for IT system users, ranging from  first line, through application support and direct support for IT equipment, to very advanced services within the third line of support. IT infrastructure conducts implementation projects, migrations, audits and optimizations, both in on-premise and cloud environments. Cybersecurity stands for a very wide range of technologies and competences that are necessary for secure functioning of IT ecosystems.

We learned the theory, and how does the Center work in practice?

J.L.: We have a lot of projects worth mentioning. In the area of ​​user support, we have several dozen Service Desk agents in Lublin working 24/7, divided into several teams. These are dedicated as well as shared teams for specific clients, , which makes it very cost effective for smaller projects. Our services are provided globally. In the case of direct support for IT equipment, the so-called Field Support, we are the only partner in Poland of one of the largest global IT service providers with headquarters in the United States. We usually work in Managed Service cooperation model, which means that as Sii we take full responsibility for what we deliver. Therefore, each  service has defined levels of its provision (SLA) and key performance indicators (KPIs). In the area of ​​IT infrastructure, it is definitely worth mentioning a project that has been recently awarded within our organization with the title of Best Project implemented by Sii in the last financial yearthe migration of our Dutch SHV Energy client to Microsoft365. It is distinguished by its scope and comprehensiveness, as the migration concerned several dozen subsidiary companies located on several continents to one common IT environment. As far as ServiceNow area is concerned, we should mention the cooperation with one of the largest global consulting companies with headquarters in Switzerland, for which we are a key provider of services in this area.

Can ITO services provided by Sii be a source of competitive advantage for clients?

J.L.: Our clients can be sure that we will provide them with tailored, quality services as we are constantly expanding their scope and focus on flexibility. As Sii Poland, we strive to be a One-Stop-Shop. This means we would like to build partner relationships with our clients by offering them every possible service they need. ITO fully fits in with this approach and every year it develops its competences, while responding to changing trends. Only a few years ago in the area of ​​IT infrastructure, we specialized in on-premise solutions, but observing the growing interest in cloud services, we changed the approach and currently the vast majority of our projects are based on such solutions. Cybersecurity is yet another example. When we saw that the IT security was becoming a very important aspect of  functioning of many companies, and that we already had many specialists on board in this area, we decided to launch adequate offering. As ITSM solutions inquiries began to address us more and more often, we efficiently signed a partnership with ServiceNow, the producer of the largest and fastest growing platform, quickly building all necessary competences.

Every year, ITO Competency Center develops and expands its offering. What may customers expect in the coming months?

J.L: We are currently in the process of settling several new partnership agreements. Some time ago, we expanded our offer with IT equipment delivery service, so we are currently extending the list of potential suppliers. We are also developing our offer in the area of ​​cloud services in order to be able to better adapt to customer requirements. Not only do we focus on the continuous development of competences in cooperation with leading suppliers, but we are also open to those who only aspire to be the leaders.

If you want to learn more about the services offered by ITO Competency Center, visit our websites:

? IT infrastructure
? Cybersecurity
? Service Desk and user support
? ServiceNow

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