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Over 500 people in Sii Gdańsk

Sii is currently undergoing strong international expansion, which significantly affects the growing needs of recruitment. In their modern office Olivia Business Center, Sii is currently carrying out several new international projects, requiring both engineers with popular profiles, as well as niche specialists. The company is currently looking for developers with knowledge of .net, Java, Embedded, C++, PHP, Python, as well as experts in manual and automated testing. Among the more niche specialties are Magento, T-24 and Umbraco developers, Configuration Managers and test engineers with knowledge of Java+Embedded.

Development of Sii in Gdańsk brings me great joy and satisfaction – says Michael Desmurs, Director of Sii Gdańsk. – Until recently, the entire team of Sii in Poland consisted of 500 people (in 2010), now the branch in Pomerania itself has exceeded that number. This is connected to development of services offered to foreign partners, implemented by our Tri-City office. Analyzing all of the sectors, the fastest developing projects are found in the Hi-Tech industry, banking and finance, e-commerce and industrial automation.

The group of large international Clients of Sii Gdańsk was recently joined, among others, by a London based supplier of financial products currently operating in over 10 countries. We are currently working on two projects for this Client, implemented based on Microsoft .Net technologies. They include both server solutions (IIS, CRM), as well as web (ASP.NET MVC) and mobile (WebAPI) applications – says Desmurs.

Another example is the largest Danish media company that owns a large number of newspapers, radio stations and websites. We are currently implementing a large e-commerce project for the Danes, which will soon be released to a large percentage of the country’s population. I think that the visibility of the project in Denmark will also bring considerable satisfaction to our engineers.

One of Sii’s recipes for success is the focus on the needs of employees. Sii’s priority is to ensure the continuous development of the team and maintaining high job satisfaction. Mariusz Dawidowski, Service Delivery Manager, talks about the benefits of employment at Sii: Based on the example of a project we implemented for one of the companies in the Hi-Tech sector in Germany – the engineers pay attention to several important aspects which make the project valuable to them. First of all, we get to use the latest technology in the industry and work in an international environment.

Due to Client requirements, as one of the few companies in Poland, Sii acquired the “Common Criteria” certificate of safety, enabling it to participate in the recent R&D works for this Client. We are working on a key functionality, which allows engineers to really spread their wings of professional development. This causes my engineers to derive great satisfaction from their daily work.

In the near future, Sii Gdańsk plans to hire another 100 engineers. For more details visit:, under Careers.


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