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Over 70 Power People from the RiderSii MC community pursue their passion for motorbikes, share knowledge and increase their skills

Passion Sponsorship Program has been going strong for 4 years and is still very popular among Sii Power People. The company’s employees include both outstanding athletes and whole groups of enthusiasts with a more amateur approach to their disciplines, who devote equally much time and heart to it. In the last edition of the Program, another large group of enthusiasts was created, which already brings together over 70 people. RiderSii MC are motorbike fans who have received funding for group branding and safe riding training. Project leaders: Jacek Nakonieczny and Zbigniew Włodarczyk told about the beginnings of their passion and the opportunities offered by the group thanks to the support of Passion Sponsorship Program.

How did your passion for motorcycles begin?

Jacek Nakonieczny, Software Engineer at Sii Poland: At the beginning it was froman interest that came to me, when I found out that having a driving license for passenger cars, you can legally ride a motorcycle with a small capacity of up to 125cm3 and engine power up to 13 HP. After a few long months and watching probably all YouTube videos about motorcycling, I came to the conclusion that maybe I should start with a course and pass the exam to obtain new qualifications. When we left the city at the end of the course, so that I could get used to a higher speed, the smile did not my face until the end of the day. And that’s how it all started…

You applied to the 7th edition of our Passion Sponsorship Program. Where did this idea come from and what happened?

J.N.: The idea of to get together in Sii came from Zbyszek Włodarczyk from Sii Lublin and began with a group chat on Teams. It started with a standard conversation and questions about who rides what and where. Then there were proposals of joint participation in charity actions, training on urban riding techniques, a joint trip, and then attempts to establish contact with other motorcyclists from Sii Lublin.

With a large number of people in the office, it is more and more difficult to have contact with people outside one’s project, room or floor, and even more so to know who rides the motorcycle and whether they want to integrate. I was very surprised when 22 people from Lublin office alone showed up on Teams. Therefore, we decided to organize ourselves more formally, submit an application to Passion Sponsorship Program and invite people from the entire company to integrate.

Your name is RiderSii MC – tell me more about the group.

J.N.: Currently, there are already over 70 people from several locations, so we are growing stronger! We want everyone who wants to identify with the group to have such an opportunity, so at the beginning we prepared a set of badges (large and small) and stickers with our logo. We also plan vests for the most active members – everything has been prepared thanks to the grant from Passion Sponsorship Program.

Last year, owing to the funds received, we also organized a participation of 16 people from Lublin motorcycle group in a training to improve the technique of city riding. We also carried out a collection of gifts for Little Prince’s Hospice in Lublin which helps children and adolescents treated for cancer. MotoMikołajki was also planned, but the pandemic thwarted it a bit.

Zbigniew Włodarczyk, Test Development Engineer: Participation in our motorcycle group is not only a sense of community and gathering around this great passion. It is also a greater driving force when it comes to supporting various charity actions with the participation of motorcyclists from Lublin province. For me it is really great, positive emotions when we are able to band together under the name of Sii, organize logistically and work together to show that we also want and are able to support those in need.

Can anyone from Sii Poland join RiderSii MC group?

J.N.: Sure thing! Anyone can join the group, regardless of driving experience (even when you are just getting ready to pass an exam or thinking about it), or what type of motorcycle you drive, or what capacity the vehicle has. People from all branches of Sii  – are welcome, also those working from home, because mutual integration is an important goal of the group. We want RiderSii MC to connect people from all over Poland, to exchange experiences, motorcycle plans and to participate together in charity actions, trips and training.

What ideas do you have for further development of the group?

J.N.: Above all, we want to continue with current activities. Our priority is to increase the safety of city driving, so the main goal is to continue training.

Z.B.: Training rides are a very interesting experience. They are run by the best motorcyclists and trainers from our region. It’s good to feel more confident and safer after these few hours, although remember that we learn to drive all our lives. Training is not only about drilling maneuvers all over again and again. It is also a great time to make new motorcycle acquaintances and bond with the old ones. By getting to know each other on a more private basis, we strengthen our relations, which is very valuable to us motorcyclists! It’s also time to get to know other vehicles – from hyper-fast chasers through multi-tasking tourist types to heavy cruisers. Remember that a motorcyclist most often focuses on his beloved motorcycle. In the group, we all have time to observe, talk and ask questions. And here we pursue our next goals: exploration, observation, discussion, opinion-shaping, active participation.

J.N.: We also want to keep doing something good together, so we’ll be following local charities we can take part in.

We know that there was Motogymkhana organized in Poznań (more about Przemek Sidorowicz’s project from Sii Poznań HERE and on FB Sii Poland) which seems to be a very interesting initiative.

Perhaps it can be also done in Lublin in the near future. An interesting idea would also be a group trip together to get to know each other better – we are waiting impatiently for it, we will surely succeed one day!

The Passion Sponsorship Program is a grant program in which Sii Polska employees receive funds and organizational support in development of their passions and interests.
Every year, the budget for volunteering and passion sponsorship programs is PLN 500,000.

In February this year, new projects were selected, which will be implemented in 2021 in the 8th edition of Passion Sponsorship Program.

You can read about recent initiatives here.

If you want to work in a company full of passionate people and develop your personal hobby with the support of Sii Poland, see job offers.

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