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Partnering with industrial sector leaders. Sii Poland teams up with Siemens Digital Industries Software to offer even more services

Sii Poland has expanded its offer for the industrial sector in the area of Smart Factory by establishing a partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software. To help clients become truly digitized enterprises, the company has extended its portfolio of services to include the implementation of software dedicated to production digitization. Thanks to the use of modern solutions, systems of different classes exchange key information, giving managers the opportunity to make accurate business decisions based on real datawhich in turn positively affects production efficiency and product margins. 

Industrial companies are increasingly looking for solutions to optimize and digitize processes. The Sii’s answer to these needs is establishing the cooperation with a high-potential partner with technological background. Siemens, a company with over 170 years of tradition, is a leader in IT solutions for industry, which has a comprehensive portfolio of products necessary to implement digitization in the company, including TIA industrial communication systems, MES production management software and APS production planning. The combination of experience and technological facilities of both partners will allow current and future clients of Sii Poland to use the tools necessary to run a modern business. 

 Industrial enterprises have recently gained enormous opportunitiesUntil recently, existing systems weren’t connected and didnt exchange information in such an advanced way. What’s more, the digitization of processes is no longer just about production, but is also associated with the design of new products, supply, production and sales as well. The use of tools such as MES or APS is strong technological support that increases companies’ efficiency and competitiveness – says Szymon Woźnica, Business Development Manager at Sii Poland.

Manufacturing Execution Systems solutions fit into the area between business tools such as SAP/ERP and industrial automation. They combine a lot of information about production acquired from many production lines, warehouses and suppliers, integrating with equipment, controllers and superior ERP/SAP management systems. What’s more, APS class solutions simplify and accelerate the planning process  the programs themselves suggest optimal layout and scheduling, based on real possibilities and inventory. The combination of these layers streamlines the management and supervision of ongoing and planned production in real-time, allowing better control of process efficiency. 

 By expanding our offer for the industrial sector, we have become a full-time partner for our clients in the One Stop Shop model, providing advanced and comprehensive solutions in the field of industrial automation, process control and production management. The possibility of using all these services from one supplier is a great benefit for the customers – explains Szymon Woźnica

Siemens Digital Industries Software and Sii Polska have already started the implementation of joint initiatives, i.e. organized business breakfast on the digitization of processes in the industrial sector, which took place on November 29 in Rzeszów. During the meeting, the experts of both companies talked about the solutions offered, sharing their experiences from numerous implementations.

Explore our offer for the manufacturing sector and contact us to find out more about the implementation of MES and APS systems in your company.

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