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Passion drives Power People – people with passions that we support

Passion for Technology, Passion for Fun — Sii’s motto highlights one of its key value — joy and engagement of the team. Sii is a workplace for people with different passions, which enrich them not only as humans, but also as professionals. The program for sponsoring passions is addressed to all Workers of the company. It facilitates making their dreams come true. Only last year 50,000 PLN was donated for this purpose. Next year the amount is supposed to be even bigger. 300,000 PLN will be donated by the company for passions, interest groups and CSR activities of its Power People.

Sii has been operating in line with the Passion for Technology, Passion for Fun motto, for over 11 years. Following this rule, the company recognizes Workers both for their expert knowledge and engagement as well as their unusual personalities. Cycling, diving, climbing, creating music… These are only some interests from a long list of passions you can come across the Sii team. This is the reason why the program of supporting passions of the company’s Power People has been created. Everyone can become a sponsored member — perseverance in interests, the ability to inspire others and readiness to become a Sii ambassador are the main criteria. The diversity of the beneficiaries of the program is proven by the people who have participated in the program. They have one thing in common — they live with passion and they develop their professional skills at Sii.

Michał Kobyliński, Testing and Analysis Engineer at Sii Gdańsk, saw for himself that perseverance makes it possible to reach the peak of one’s abilities. In 2017, with the support of the company, he organized a climbing trip to Denali, the highest mountain peak in North America. To him, climbing means fighting his own weaknesses, as he used to suffer from…  the fear of heights. On a daily basis, however, he handles software tests which he develops and analyses using such tools as Repo Tool or Google Test framework.

There are also other sportsmen among Sii Workers. Kamil Hajda from Katowice is a cycling enthusiast and a Software Engineer at the same time. He participates in cycling races with a team of 10 people. The same position at Sii is held by Radosław Południk from Lublin who loves jogging. He shares his passion with Iza Wawer from Łodź, professionally Head of the HR and Recruitment Department. The initiative Iza takes part in assumes regular trainings with Artur Kozłowski, a marathon runner and an Olympian, who successfully combines his passion with his role as a Software Engineer at Sii. Another developer, Michał Bochenek from Kraków, is a free diver, which means he dives without diving equipment. Łukasz Kowalski from Warsaw loves speed. On a regular basis a Junior System Administrator, he participates in races with his self-built vehicle after hours.

There are also music enthusiasts in the company. Grzegorz Gronkiewicz from Warsaw is an Implementation and Version Management Manager. He likes to organize time not only for his colleagues — his is an initiator and an organiser of Bassriver, a street drum and bass festival organized as a part of Audioriver festival in Płock. Grzegorz plays in Warsaw as DJ Wobler. On the other hand, Paweł Barański, Test and Analysis Engineer, is a member of a rock band formed by, among others, Sii Power People from Gdańsk. The band presented its skills during a corporate carnival ball.

Sii experts also create internal interest groups. They include, for example, communities of volleyball or basketball enthusiasts, board games or football lovers and a recently formed group of salsa fans. All of these groups, along with the stories of the beneficiaries of the passion sponsoring program, create a clear picture of Sii as a diverse environment, full of interesting people. Every following edition of this project is a surprise – allowing Sii Workers to know one another from a new, inspiring side.

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