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Passion Sponsorship Program – a chance to fulfill dreams

For 4 years now, Sii Polska has been conducting a Passion Sponsorship Program, owing to which employees can fulfill their dreams associated with various hobbies. The initiative is constantly evolving and gaining momentum – so far, thanks to company’s support, more than 50 long-term sports, technological and cultural projects have been conducted. Projects selected in 4th and 5th edition are still in progress, and in the meantime, a verification of the applications for the upcoming finale is ongoing.

The spring/summer edition of the Passion Sponsorship program attracted a lot of volunteers – more than 50 individual submissions have passed. “The number of people involved as well as the number of projects is growing year by year. The projects submitted to us often include prosocial elements, says Katarzyna Domańska, CSR Manager, responsible for the Program. Therefore, with the permission of CEO – Gregoire Nitot, the budget allocated to the program of Passion Sponsorship and Sii Power Volunteers has been increased to 500 000 zł per year” – she adds.

Of all the submissions from the summer edition, 20 passionate enthusiasts have been selected, who will receive funding to make their ideas come true. – The evaluation of applications is carried out in several stages. First, they undergo formal verification: whether the employees are in good standing, whether they are diligent, meet formal requirements and whether their hobby is consistent with Sii values – says Katarzyna Domańska. The applications are then consulted with Line Managers, local HR Departments, and at the final stage they become accepted by CHRO, Head of Marketing, Sales Support and CEO.

Projects that are now in implementation phase can be divided into 3 categories: music, sports and technology. The majority of applications concerned sport. Among Sii employees in Łódź, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław and Warsaw are avid cyclists, triathletes, basketball players, sailors and climbers. In the near future, company athletes will take part in many interesting events, such as TRI Business League – the most prestigious triathlon event in Poland, the Basketball Business League – basketball competition between major companies, cycling events of the Green Velo Tour and Wisła Marathon 1200. They will also train wearing Sii Climbing Team colors on Łódź climbing walls to prepare for the winter effot in high mountains.

Technology stands for the second most popular category of submissions. Engineers from Sii Katowice are building a Sumo Robot; in Wrocław and Cracow Sii supports local Hackerspaces, where supervised by colleagues theay learn to solder, woodwork, as well as how to connect with the most distant places on Earth using radio waves. In Sii branch of Gdańsk, Paweł Czapiewski’s team will build an ecological farm managed by artificial intelligence, which allows to grow plants without human intervention.

In Sii Poland there is also no shortage of music talents. The funding provided by the program will allow musicians to record music videos and release albums. Staff will also have the opportunity to listen to such bands as TuTejSii amd Marionki, which will perform during various integration events.

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