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Passions at Sii – Katarzyna Pięta – Sii Wrocław

From the very beginning of my adventure with Sii, I have been a part of the Administration and Settlements team in Wrocław. I have joined the Wrocław unit in September 2011.

I started as an Administrative Assistant, handing out smiles at our front desk. I was responsible for office duties, flow of correspondence and accounting for business trips. Gradually, my responsibilities began to change. For almost two years now, I have been working as the Administration and Settlement Specialist taking care of Business Unit Financial Services. At the moment, I am responsible for five clients of this BU.

The largest group consists of engineers working for one of the banks. I was responsible for hiring of the first Sii engineer and today there is a hundred of them! My role currently involves concluding agreements with newly employed people, administrative supervision and verification of their work time, as well as billing clients.

Almost four years at Sii taught me that the people I see at work every day are very important. Without a friendly atmosphere, work would be a lot harder. I also value the knowledge I gain, while performing daily office duties.

Looking at my daily duties and my activities outside of work, you might think that I was put on this planet to do paperwork! 🙂 After work, I switch to my home desk, where I devote free time to create a variety of paper stories – I have a passion for scrapbooking. Positive emotions, memories, warm thoughts – I enclose them all in greeting cards, spatial frames for pictures, handmade or decorated albums, souvenirs, decorative boxes and… I could go on and on.

This passion of mine gained momentum two years ago, when I first participated in a greeting card workshop. Then, I began to participate in them frequently. I learned about new techniques, tools and materials. Today I can boast quite a big paper portfolio. I created a blog where I publish descriptions and photographs of my work. Though it started out rather shy and inaccessible, today the blog is a public gallery of my manufactory. I encourage you to take a look!

In March of this year I created a fanpage, where I regularly publish photographs of the finished projects or the subsequent stages of their creation. Publishing my portfolio means that I not only create for myself, but for others – all interested are welcome! More and more people inquire about hand-made cards or albums they would like to order as gifts. It is a great honor for me! I approach each task seriously. I try to make each of my projects unique and personal. If I do not know the recipient of the paper gift, I ask about their name, interests, preferences – so that the final effect pleases not only the eye, but the heart. 🙂 The next step in the development of my passion is to conduct workshops, and the plan is staring to crystalize!



Kasia Pięta, Administation Specialist – Sii Wrocław

Career path:
  • Administration Assistant
  • Administration Specialist

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