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Pioneering solutions to fight cancer – QIAGEN and Sii Poland change the face of biotechnology

More effective fight against cancer, identifying perpetrators of serious crimes, or the development of DNA research are just a few of the many applications of QIAGEN’s innovative equipment, which is used by both the world’s best universities and Nobel Prize winners. Sii Poland’s engineers support the development of QIAGEN diagnostic tools that allow cutting down the time of laboratory tests and the accuracy of their analysis. The resulting solutions can save lives.

Although QIAGEN solutions, a leading supplier of tools used in molecular research, are directed mainly to universities and laboratories around the world, we all benefit from the resultss of their work. State-of-the-art diagnostic solutions allow doctors around the world to diagnose patients better, and laboratory analytics is faster and much more precise. First of all, modern IT solutions created in Poland make this happen.

Faster diagnosis and better tailored cancer treatment

Thanks to the cooperation of QIAGEN and Sii Poland, it is possible to implement technologies that have a real impact on the face of modern medicine. Today, as part of the partnership, more than 30 experts specializing in Java, C++, C# and JavaScript technologies are implementing a number of projects that help save the lives of patients around the world.

Teams of engineers and programmers from both companies are working on groundbreaking DNA research projects. Their extremely modern software for analyzing the image of the genetic code in real time allows, among others, to examine mutations occurring in the genes and detect viruses, and, thus, choose the appropriate treatment, for example in the case of cancer.

This method also has a number of applications in police investigations. It allows one to decode information contained in the genes, which in turn makes it possible to identify the person responsible for the crime in subsequent studies, even if the case concerns a crime from several decades ago. This is how, thanks to QIAGEN tools, researcher Russell Edwards pointed out the identity of the famous Jack the Ripper in 2019.

Laboratory in the Polish office

An important role in the development of these projects is played by Polish specialists who work on DNA image analysis software and use a number of technologies in the field of software development engineering.

– We build instrument control software in C#, we write images and statistical analysis in C ++, the server part supporting devices and users is developed in Java, while the frontend in JavaScript. The team uses the latest technologies, language versions and libraries. The project is innovative, requiring continuous improvement, and at the same time giving great satisfaction from work – says Marcin Grzebieluch, System Architect at QIAGEN.

QIAGEN and Sii Poland engineers work in laboratories created for the needs of projects in Wrocław, where the software can be tested directly on subsequent prototypes of equipment.

– Projects directly related to data analysis, data science, image analysis are not often found on the market, which is why QIAGEN cooperation provides a completely new quality. The type of data also matters – this is medical data, so we have further ambitious challenges related to maintaining absolute security and data. Another unique thing for me is the combination of tasks on the borderline of programming, electronics and machine design. This allows me to use my knowledge and skills in full, and not just in the field of software development. It is a great value for me – says Rafał Białek from Sii Poland.

If you want to start working in an innovative, unique industry, check out job offers at Sii –

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