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Thanks to Job Changer Piotr got his dream job. Find out why he decided to apply and what proved to be a game changer in the new role

The road to finding a job that is true passion is not always easy, but taking a seemingly wrong path can teach us a lot. Piotr Frąszczak, Junior Software Engineer, who developed his competences by implementing projects for the client he had chosen years ago, found out about it. Then he changed his career path to finally see which role he feels best in. His story shows that the Job Changer application can help you find your way.

You joined Sii as a Technician, in a project for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of integrated circuits. How did it happen?

Piotr Frąszczak: I found the project by accident. I took part in the recruitment with the idea that I would become a programmer. I didn’t have any commercial experience, and the only thing I could boast about was a 2D mini-game written in C ++ and SFML library. I was offered a job as a technician for the Silicon Valley giant’s projects. Although it did not fully corresponded with my interests, and the scope of work itself was not entirely clear to me, I agreed. Some time ago, when I was living abroad and visiting my family here in Poland, I was passing by that company’s headquarters on my way back from the airport. I thought then – it would be great to work there. By accepting a job at Sii, I was able to see what the projects for this company look like. The amount of work that each team has to put into the process of creating the latest technological solutions is impressive.

Why did you decide to change your career path and become an IT Support Specialist?

P.F.: After returning to Poland, I was looking for my next steps. I started engineering studies. Due to the fact that I was interested in IT, I chose this direction. At that time, working as an IT support was quite a challenge for me. General IT knowledge and a willingness to develop further were required, and I met both of these criteria. Working in support stimulated me to continuous development, which was what I needed most. There was a lot of learning, the team I joined was constantly growing, new duties were constantly coming up. There wasn’t any time to be bored, and I liked the fact that I widened my experience. With time, I started taking more and more responsibility for the team’s work. I liked that my team members knew they could count on me.

For several months you have been working as a Junior Software Engineer. How did this change come about?

P.F.: I needed it. When talking about my further development path, my vision and that of my superiors’ did not coincide. I decided to look for other challenges. I used the options that Job Changer gave me. The fact that I was constantly developing allowed me to return to my previous plans to become a programmer. After passing the initial formalities, I found myself under the wing of a colleague from HR who was taking care of my project change. The process itself was diverse – we had a lot of talks, there were a lot of arrangements, even more preparation and patience. In addition, I myself asked around a bit about possible needs in other projects. I received several e-mails with proposals for recruitment interviews. Finally, after a total of 3-4 months, I joined Internal IT as a junior software engineer.

How is your current job different from the previous role?

P.F.: Today, compared to working in an earlier project, I am fully devoted to working with the code. Together with the team, we create and develop the company’s internal systems. As this is my first commercial job as a programmer, every day is a challenge. I learn something new every day. I found myself in a team of people full of passion for what they do. Everyone is great at something and they are happy to share their knowledge. After work, I try to train in areas where I have a lack. I help myself using e-learning platforms. I am glad that my job has become my passion. I often have moments of doubt, moments when I feel frustrated, powerless – work presents me with many challenges. However, I always overcome these negative emotions. This is the best part of my job. I am also never alone – it was in this project that I understood what working in a team really means and what strength lies in cooperation.

In just a few months, you’ve made a major career change. Considering all the successes and challenges, how would you rate this change? Would you recommend using Job Changer to others?

P.F.: In retrospect, using Job Changer and the change I made turned out to be a great decision. Before deciding to apply, I admit – I hesitated. It seemed easier for me to change my job all together than to change a project, but I like working for Sii – Sii means great people and many opportunities. If I was asked if using such an option is worthy when we are sure that we need a change, no doubt, I would recommend Job Changer.

Do you have any advice for people who are looking for their development path in Sii? 😊

P.F.: Personal development is not easy. We don’t always get what we want. Sometimes the increase in our knowledge is not what we expected. However, we must learn to enjoy the little things and never give up.

Just like Piotr, follow your dreams of development in IT! Check job offers and join us!

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