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Poznań is strengthening its position as an IT centre. The first edition of pozitive technologies conference co-organized by Sii is behind us

The first edition of pozitive technologies conference – an event addressed to IT specialists, took place at the end of September in Poznań. Sii experts gave two speeches and shared their knowledge and experience in the areas of IT architecture, microservices, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. In response to enthusiastic feedback from participants, Sii together with the main organizer, Poznań city, and other technology companies from the region have already begun work on the next edition.

Development of the IT industry in Poznań and its challenges

Poznań is becoming more and more strong IT centre. Many technology companies have their headquarters or branches here, including Sii, which opened its branch in the capital of Wielkopolska in 2010. Since then, due to the dynamic development of the company and the entire industry, it has already employed over 400 specialists who implement projects for clients from all over the world. IT community in the region is constantly growing.

Monika Tyczyńska-Płaczek, Head of Recruitment Department at Sii in Poznań, talks about the needs that stand behind the conference initiative:

– The idea appeared over a year ago when representatives of the Investor Relations Department in Poznań visited our office. We discussed about promoting Poznań as an IT Center. We talked about the needs of local employers and how we can promote the city. We concluded that such technical and professional conference would have an impact on attracting even more specialists from this industry to Poznań, which could meet the needs of employers, and on the other hand show Poznań as the friendly city where companies that use modern technologies operate. A few weeks later the representatives of Investor Relations Department invited more companies interested in the event, and so a working group of employers was formed. From the very beginning we had a great support of this unit of the Poznań City Hall while working all together on creating the conference plan. Preparations took us almost a year – says Monika Tyczyńska-Płaczek.

19 dimensions of positive technologies

Community of IT specialists naturally became the beneficiaries of this new idea. Thanks to it, they gained an opportunity to participate in the event that could provide them with valuable and substantive knowledge about currently popular technologies or trends directly from the experienced practitioners. – The conference responds to the needs of specialists already working in the IT industry in Poznań – explains Monika Tyczyńska-Płaczek. – Shortly after we launched a promotion of the event, engineers from Sii started asking me about the possibilities of attending because they found a lot of interesting lectures in the agenda. It was a hit – adds Tyczyńska-Płaczek.

During the all-day event that took place in Poznań Congress Center, speakers presented issues about microservices, artificial intelligence, distributed systems and security topics. The choice of topics raised from the concept that technologies are perceived more broadly than individual programming languages. By considering their context, the use of different concepts and mixing paradigms there could be achieved much better results.

Nineteen presentations were held in total. Experts from Sii also shared their knowledge and experience on stage: Michał Kowalski, Solution Architect, who presented the topic related to distributed architectures – “Distributed architectures – behind the hype” and Paweł Satalecki, Business Development Manager, who presented the idea of ​​using robotic process automation in business “From South Africa to AI: How to make a company smarter and faster”.

Next edition in 2020

That was the first local IT event of this scale in Poznań and it appeared as a great success for the organizers who gathered ca. 250 attendees. Encouraged by the successful first edition, the main organizer – the city of Poznań and current organizers, including Poznan branch of Sii, decided to continue this initiative. The main organizer, the city of Poznań, and the rest of organizers engaged in positive technologies, including Poznan branch of Sii, decided to continue this initiative. Work on the next edition has just begun. Do you want to follow the events organized by Sii? Join the Sii group, where you will be the first to know about upcoming meetups and conferences of Sii Poland and its partners.


Did you miss the first edition? Michał Kowalski is sharing his knowledge on the technical Sii’s blog

One of the speeches that took place at the conference was given by Michał Kowalski, Solution Architect at the Poznań branch of Sii Polska, a programmer and fan of a craft approach to software development. For several years, he has also been professionally and hobbyist interested in the subject of application security. Did you miss the conference? Take a look at the Sii technology blog, where Michał shared his insights on the use of distributed architectures in practice.

–  Current industry trends are important while choosing architecture for a new project. The popularity of a given pattern or technology sometimes prevails over usability in a given application, and this (unfortunately) may lead to the fail of such project.

The same applies to the case of modern architectures such as microservices. Blinded by the promises heard at conferences, we forget that creating distributed systems is still difficult. So what can go wrong in such solutions? What kind pf problem can you expect? If you’d like to know the answer, I encourage you to read my post on Sii blog, which is based on my speech at this year’s edition of Pozitive technologies conference – says Michał Kowalski.

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