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Prestigious IT security system certificate granted to Sii

The rigorous certification process for Common Criteria at EAL 6 level successfully concluded with an external audit. Auditors from Germany praised the comprehensive preparation undertaken by the Gdansk branch in terms of: physical and environmental safety, network protection, our employees’ awareness of procedures, software development standards for our customers as well as our advanced infrastructure.

The need for additional certification and investment in modern security systems emerged from our cooperation with the Dutch company NXP Semiconductors. “Our Sii offices were designed in accordance with the requirements of the Common Criteria right from the very beginning,” commented Michael Desmurs, Director of the Gdańsk Department of Sii. “Our main goal was to adapt the office space to international standards.” In the meantime, Sii experts spent many months standardising security procedures and writing appropriate documentation.

Simon Brzozak, our branch Security Manager says, “We commissioned a design space consisting of two special layers – a protection and a detection layer. Our entire working area was kitted out with state of the art monitoring equipment including motion sensors and cameras. Our customer service areas are particularly well-protected – one of the key security features is, for example, the RC3-class doors, designed to withstand attacks made with tools such as drills or hammers. We also have an extensive system of alarms, enabling our security patrol team to intervene rapidly wherever and whenever an intrusion may occur. We also possess a robust and effective security system for our networks.”

“Compliance with all the requirements of the Common Criteria was a great challenge and also a major investment for Sii, in line with our strategy right from the start,” says Michael Desmurs. “The Common Criteria is not just important to us as a certificate per se. This is a confirmation of our ability to carry out projects in the full confidence that our customers can feel safe with us. This successful certification process shows that Sii is a mature organisation that has well-developed and well-implemented security procedures regarding the production of software. As a company we are able to adapt to the most stringent requirements of our clients.”

The Common Criteria has opened the gate for Sii to sign a number of new contracts with major, global concerns. In addition, our Gdansk branch is now focused on a phase of intensive development in terms of cooperation with our customers, associated with the implementation of new projects and increased recruitment needs. By the end of 2015, the company plans to have employed a total of 700 engineers in Gdansk. Common Criteria is an advantage, which will surely strengthen further the position of Sii as the leader of IT services in Poland.

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