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Racetrack, the roar of the engine – welcome to the Embedded Automotive fairy tale!

Sii Poland in its new R&D project has taken under the loop the safety and reliability of Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication. All of it has been embedded in the reality of miniature automotive world, straight from every child’s dreams – as a car track with speeding  vehicles.

Engineers from Sii Poland got engaged in the new R&D project and in the upcoming months, designed by them demo will be presented at numerous fair trades. The keynote and the main objective of the project is to attract attention of people familiar with, and interested in the subject of safe communication and the company’s competence of a given range. Our experts will present their demo at embedded fair at the GreenHills booth, which provides them with the necessary development working tools.

Sii Poland got the chance to cooperate with a reliable business partner. While being engaged with the R&D project, our engineers will get the opportunity to learn about the real time operating system, which meets one of the most restrictive certifications – Common Criteria  at the level of Evaluation Assurance (EAL) 6+.

GreenHills supplies our experts with necessary development tools of the highest quality, therefore our cooperation with the company is not accidental. The software that they produce is used in the most demanding industries, also in the aviation industry. They provide systems for the latest aircraft generations as the Airbus A380, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F/A-22, Eurofighter Typhoon, Lockheed Martin F-16, and helicopters: Northrop Grumman UH-1Y i AH-1Z helicopters, Rockwell Collins RQ-7B Shadow UAS.

What is more one of the platforms designed and developed by GreenHills is widely used in the Automotive industry. Normally, each day, every driver will find in his vehicle solutions connected to the Active Safety and Infotainment systems.

Although the cross section of company`s activities is very wide, they manage to keep the highest service and products standards. GreenHills is in the possession of many certificates from various areas. Their systems meet numerous restrictions, that is why they got certificates such as IEC 61508 (electronics), IEC 61513 (nuclear energy), IEC 61511 (process control), or the 2nd and the 3rd Class operating systems in the medical devices.

The project which is carried out by our experts is thought to be very demanding, but on the other hand thanks to this fact, it allows them to get to know many new solutions and interesting aspects of the automotive industry. You can`t get bored while working on its realization! Participation in this venture provides everyone with tremendous amount of knowledge and above all of it fun to the involved people! What`s more – now you can be one of them!

We are currently looking for two engineers, who would like to join our team and get engaged “afterhours” in the realization of our project.

– You are an expert from visualisations, know what UX is, used C++ and you are familiar with QT;

– You know what low level embedded is, the C++ language is not new to you and you know what UDP, TCP/IP is, and you want to get involved in the project, do not hesitate to send your application at:

We will contact only selected candidates.

Embedded Team

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