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Rafał Małanij – JuraSiic Park

My adventure with  Sii began in November 2009, although I had the first interviews on projects in Sii in the spring of that year. Eventually, I was employed by one of the bank clients, where as Project Manager I was responsible for migrating the London Data Centres. After some time, the number of challenges depleted, which coincided with the search conducted by Monika Rachwalska who was looking for a new member of the sales team. After passing internal recruitment, including the interview with Krzysztof Krężel and Greg, in June 2011, I turned to the “dark side of the force” and started to develop Sii business at its clients.

In 2011, the Warsaw branch of Sii introduced major organisational changes as a result of the growing number of clients and dynamic growth. At that time Business Units were established, and each of them was dedicated to a particular sector. My department was almost entirely based on one key client. Immediately after joining the team, I started to search areas of the organisation which still missed our logo. We also laid much emphasis on diversification, which in this case consisted in attracting new clients. Here, I first confronted the sales reality – clients do not come to you, you have to search them, call them, make them interested in the offer, and then deliver the service. I had to learn it. Diversification also consisted in expanding the range of services provided to our clients, which is not only competence outsourcing, but also Team Leasing and Fixed Price projects – and it is this aspect of the sales work which I liked.

Rafał Małanij

Some clients were resistant to knowledge about our other services. And we managed to establish cooperation in the area of projects with some clients only after 4 years, e.g. start the analysis of business processes for the implementation of BPM. It was much better with other clients – I won the first software project in 2012.

In the meantime, the project organisation in Sii changed much, we were building our offer and implementation options. We learned this difficult business together. My activities in the project area has become a prelude to the new challenges I had to face. I mean here the role of BI Offering Leader in the past year, and my migration to Custom Software Development & Maintenance Practice, where I act as Practice Sales Manager. This is more or less a brief description of my ongoing adventure with Sii.


And what I like most about working in Sii? I will not say anything revolutionary 🙂 The climate of the company created by dedicated people, and this is the greatest value of Sii. On the other hand, most business initiatives we have taken were in some ways startups. Building customer value virtually from scratch is highly interesting and gives a lot of energy.

To sum up, I have a brief message to Sii Power People: I hope that this does not sound too trivial or pompous, but – let’s try to be ambitious and go beyond your comfort zone. Only then will we achieve development.


Rafał Małanij Sii Custom Development Practice

Rafał Małanij, Practice Sales Manager

Career path:
  • Release Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Key Account Manager
  • Practice Sales Manager

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