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Register to the 3-rd edition of the Let’s Code programming contest

On the 19th of November, teams from 8 cities around Poland (Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, Krakow, Lodz, Lublin and Katowice), are going to take part in the “Let’s Code” night contest. Each team will have an equal amount of time – 24 hours, to create a public use application. Lots of ideas, passion, great minds, emotions, lack of sleep and one purpose – to win the main prize, 10 000 polish zlotys.

Sii is organizing the “Let`s Code” night programming contest for the third time. This year our contestants are going to choose one out of 3 topics proposed by the organizer.

The first topic considers the local environment and it’s safety. Everybody wants to feel safe in places where they spend most of their time. The task for the contestants is to create, using the newest technologies, an application, which will influence and increase the comfort of everyday life.

Holidays, trips, spontaneous outings or simple meetings with our friends. We love spending time together, but everybody knows, how difficult it is to get together everybody we care about. Don`t let any of your friends miss the meeting! Create an app which will help you and the future users meet up without any problems. Be the hero and help the society co-create unforgettable moments and memories!

The third subject we are offering, is from the area of business. In our dynamically evolving environment for everyone – from start-ups, through small companies up to the corporate world – a technical backup is a must! We are looking forward to your applications from this area!

The applications created will be initially evaluated by our jury – consisting of both, experts with technical knowledge and people, whose task will be to assess the usefulness of the projects. The winning applications at the local stage will go on to the last stage, were the Internet users will vote for the best app at our Let`s Code website:

“Not only interesting topics, close to daily life, encourage people to take part in our contest, but also the opportunity of winning valuable prizes”, says Magdalena Łojek, one of the coordinators of Let’s Code. At the first stage the best teams from each city will get Bose – SoundLink headphones. The winners of the contest will receive 10 000 PLN.

Signing up for the contest is very easy! You just have to fill in the registration form, which you will find at The registration is open from the 3rd of October until the 10th of November. Make sure you will participate in the contest, and save the place for your team in advance! Remember, the number of teams in the contest is limited! Give yourself the chance, to program a new app, and to win the main prize.

 For more details contact the organizers at:

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