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Research and diagnosis faster than ever – QIAGEN and Sii Poland in the service of medicine

The largest centers conducting coronavirus research and cancer diagnostics, or the world’s most famous universities such as Harvard and the University of California are just some of QIAGEN’s customers. In cooperation with Sii Poland, it was possible to integrate and develop IT systems so that the pioneering solutions of QIAGEN could reach recipients even faster. Thanks to modern technological solutions, the fight to improve the quality of human life is easier and more effective.

QIAGEN solutions used by clients change the face of modern medicine. An example is the recently introduced easy-to-use test kit for early diagnosis of coronavirus, which allows medical personnel to prepare complex virus detection tests in less than a minute. QIAGEN also provides RNA isolation kits that are used to research new ways to fight cancer. Thanks to them, scientists from around the world can reduce the time spent working at the laboratory table by up to 8 hours.

2 million samples for the most advanced testing

When it comes to health and life, reliable systems play a key role. Therefore, the main goal of Sii Poland and QIAGEN was to increase the efficiency, scale and convenience of creating and ordering research materials sent to the largest scientific institutions in the world, so that patient diagnosis and laboratory analytics could be carried out even faster and more efficiently.

A dedicated team of Sii and QIAGEN experts rebuilt GeneGlobe platform for searching and creating products used for advanced medical research. It is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows one to comprehensively implement the entire project of a research experiment, from product configuration or customization, to the analysis of received data. The new navigation allows you to find the right product in just three steps, and the design algorithms allow you to create virtually any component necessary for research. The number of possible configurations is over two million samples, so that even the most demanding tests can be carried out.

– Using GeneGlobe, scientists can freely configure order items, so they are able to create a completely new, unique product, ideally suited to the specifics of their work – says Paweł Pawłow, Tech Lead in the GeneGlobe project.

Polish engineers support the Nobel laureates

Every year, scientists who become Nobel laureates in the field of chemistry and biology use QIAGEN products. – Work in biotechnology industry is extremely fascinating and challenging because it combines elements of engineering and programming – says Maciej Fojtar, Product Line Manager at QIAGEN.

– The projects implemented for QIAGEN provided Sii Polska specialists with many technological challenges. The challenge in building this product was the need to integrate with many existing systems, such as SAP, Salesforce or Hybris, which required the implementation of over 50 interfaces and cooperation of many distributed departments – says Marcin Jagielski, IT Analyst in QIAGEN.

Projects in the area of integration and development of IT systems are just some of the projects implemented jointly by Sii and QIAGEN. Sii Poland engineers also deal with data analysis, data science, image analysis, they also work in laboratories created for the purposes of the projects, in which the software is tested directly on subsequent prototypes of equipment. One of them was built especially for the needs of the project in Sii Poland’s office in Wrocław.

If you want to start working in an innovative, unique industry, check out job offers at Sii –

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