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Salesforce Competency Center – a new unit dedicated to the leading CRM-class solution

Salesforce is the provider of one of the most innovative sales and customer service support systems. Next to SAP and Oracle, the company has the biggest share in the CRM market and together they are a strong group of trend setters in this area – every year more and more companies, also in Poland, decide to implement applications created using the Salesforce platform. Wanting to meet the expectations of its clients and the market, Sii has created a Competency Center dedicated to Salesforce.

Sii Competency Centers are highly specialized units inside the company bringing together the best domain specialists. Thanks to such structure, the exchange of experiences and knowledge gained during various projects is facilitated. This way the company is better prepared for responding to the needs and requirements of the clients and can offer the best solutions available.

More and more clients decide to implement Salesforce solutions in their company. At Sii we have many certified specialists, who focus on this field – both developers and testers. Yet, until now, we did not have an organizational unit dedicated to this system. We have decided to change this and centralize our actions related to Salesforce, as we wanted to increase the effectivity of knowledge exchange between specialists and be able to better respond to the demand of the market in this dynamically developing area” – says Mirosław Rozpara, Salesforce Competency Center Manager.

The Sii Salesforce team provides support with standard implementations as well as complex projects which require deep changes and integrating numerous systems. Now, Sii is planning to expand its Salesforce team and its portfolio of clients in Poland and outside of the country. The company is also about to finalize the process of entering into an official partnership with Salesforce.

Find more information about Sii’s Salesforce offer on the Sii website.


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