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Sii became an official Salesforce consulting partner

Sii received the status of a consulting partner of Salesforce. It is a proof of Sii’s competences in the scope of SFDC and the authorisation to devise and deliver projects as well as custom solutions and integrate with the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce is a world leader in CRM cloud solutions for sales and customer service management according to Gartner and IDG rankings. The possibility to adapt the standard mechanisms (out of the box) and building custom solutions is why Salesforce has an endless range of applications, not limited by the sector not by the size of the company. The popularity of the platform is increasing at a very fast pace. Currently Salesforce’s participation in the world-wide CRM market, worth around 40 billion USD, amounts to over 20%. Salesforce is used by many major companies, such as Facebook, Zalando, Starbucks, Roche, Puma or the Polish Allegro, but it is also a leader of the MSP segment.

Salesforce Competency Center, which is an in-house team of  Sii experts in the scope of the platform, executes projects for leading Polish and international clients. – Gaining the official Salesforce consulting partner status is a confirmation of our competencies in technology and pursuing projects as well as, most importantly, the guarantee for our clients that Sii’s services are in accordance with Salesforce standards – says Anna Rębelska, Salesforce Business Development Manager at Sii Warsaw.

The Salesforce partnership programme offers unlimited access to resources, trainings and tools, enabling to develop expertise on specific business functions, areas, products and industries to ensure the Salesforce clients’ business success.

– Thanks to this partnership we are a part of an international community of Salesforce partners, the Ohana family and a support system based on 8 fundamental values: trust, customer success, innovation, equality, integrity, transparency, alignment and accountability. At Sii we are also guided by our 14 core values, which are coherent with Salesforce values and reflect Sii spirit and the unique atmosphere present in the company – says Anna Rębelska.

At Sii certified Salesforce experts support clients in the scope of consultations, adjusting solutions to individual needs using the standard (out of the box) as well as the dedicated extensions, maintenance and system development, data migration, integration with existing databases and external systems (eg. ERP), tests and trainings.

– At the Salesforce Competency Center we put pressure on upgrading qualifications of programmers, who use the Apex language and VisualForce technology at work. To quickly grasp those technologies, experience in any object-oriented language and knowledge of the basis of JavaScript, HTML or relational databases would be very useful – emphasises Anna Rębelska.

For more information of the Salesforce Competency Center go to

We’re recognized as a top Salesforce Development Company on DesignRush:



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