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Sii brings cloud solutions and the error-free Internet to the next level

Even faster, error-free data exchange on computer networks or firmware implementations used in cloud solutions by the global giants—these are only some of the projects currently carried out at Sii. What is their aim and to what extent does the leading IT services provider in Poland participate in the development of those innovative solutions? What competencies are particularly desirable in the team members involved in such projects? We have talked to the experts about two of the ongoing projects.

High-speed and error-free Internet

The work of Sii engineers brings measurable benefits to a wide group of Internet users. Currently they work on a solution that will make the Internet not only fast but also reliable. By successively reducing the number of problems and implementing numerous corrections and improvements, the network will be more resistant to various types of disruptions, problems and limitations. The end user will notice these innovations in a direct way, by observing faster loading of websites, uninterrupted playback of audio and video formats, as well more comfortable wireless connections where, for example, geographical conditions used to disturb the transmission. Project team members have a big impact on creating solutions which constitutes the backbone of the widely understood Internet.

Sii, cooperating with its clients, has started working on faster and error-free Internet, which can be used in data exchange in both high-performance cable networks and wireless 4G and 5G technologies. The need of creating new functionalities is the answer to constant flow of market demands. Thanks to co-created solutions, high-speed Internet can support even a greater number of modern technologies (among others – Storage Performance Development Kit).

What unique qualities does the solution developed by Sii’s experts have? – A high-performance cable network device is a very popular, reliable product, used in almost all server devices in modern data centers. There is a huge community that is vividly interested in its capabilities and development. The solution’s end users are very large—if not the largest—clients – explains Michał Bednarczyk, Service Delivery Manager at Sii, Project Leader, and Technical Validation Expert.

The company is wholly responsible for the development and maintenance of the device driver. Following the newest trends in the computer network development, it has, among others, advanced safety systems and new data exchange handling standards. What is more, Sii identifies, analyses, and describes all kinds of defects in order to correct them. – The fact that we create solutions used by almost all companies with large server rooms, including the technology giants, is thrilling. The scale on which we’re operating really motivates us to work – Bednarczyk adds.

Every day the project-team members have a chance to see in practice how solutions, which are the core of the broadly understood Internet, are made.

Cloud solutions

Sii also takes part in creating server platform software, which is used in many cloud solutions, such as big social media platforms or video and audio file exchange services. When it comes to less obvious uses, which are expected to become much more popular in the upcoming years, the automotive sector needs to be mentioned. With software that is being developed, cars will be equipped with an efficient hardware platform, without which the system enabling the safe and autonomous drive won’t work properly. The solutions developed by Sii have an impact on various areas of our lives where we use new technologies, such as entertainment industry, medical services, gastronomy, shopping and automotive industry mentioned before.

The specialists involved in the project are responsible for an array of processes. The development, testing, and maintenance of firmware and additional apps working with it – all this has to be dealt with. What are the benefits of these activities?

– Thanks to our solution the cloud-services providers gain an advantage over their competition in the field of the speed of data processing, optimization of energy consumption, and safety. They can offer highly advanced services, provide direction for development, and become the global leaders in their field. We experience the effects of this every day. Year by year we are offered more and more advanced services that suit our needs and keep up-to-date with trends – explains Janusz Rusnak, Service Delivery Manager at Sii, responsible for delivering projects in the field of the firmware of server motherboards.

From the engineers’ perspective

Working at Sii attracts both beginners as well as experienced, seasoned IT specialists. The great majority is looking for professional challenges that give a chance for continuous self-development. Here, at Sii, you have plenty of them.

What kind of people cope best with such challenges and vast projects? A great variety of technologies used in work on the above-mentioned solutions translates into a wide range of desired competencies. Nevertheless, one can indicate those that stay the same for all team members, regardless of their responsibilities. Which play a key role? We looked for the answer with the engineers from the Gdansk Sii branch. –  Our daily work is mainly about solving technical problems. Therefore, analytical thinking is highly desirable – explains Robert Małż, Software Engineer at Sii, member of the team working on the bug-free Internet. – No matter our role in the project, we learn new technologies, identify new problems and try to solve them in a creative manner. The faster we learn, the better – adds Małż.

The traits that engineers most frequently mention are teamwork, involvement, creativity, and curiosity. Especially appreciated is the already-mentioned analytical thinking, which comes in handy when one’s knowledge is not enough. Sometimes finding the optimal solution to a specific problem requires going off the beaten track. Such challenges are a driving force for the team, which Rafał Sularz, Test and Analysis Engineer, confirms. – Skills development is not only done by performing daily tasks. All the time new problems and challenges occur, and at the same time, a whole new array of possible solutions are arrived at. Even for seasoned engineers with several years’ experience, this is still exciting – adds Sularz.

Is there any space for creativity in the organized world of commands, numbers, and formulas? Maybe it is not the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about the IT industry, but according to Witold Kryszak, Software Engineer at Sii, it is a highly-appreciated competence.  – It is a sign of involvement and thinking out of the box, which sometimes requires loads of effort. Suggesting own ideas and different technologies, e.g. to improve the speed and quality of testing, is really desirable – explains Kryszak.

Janusz Rusnak encourages all IT enthusiasts to take part in such projects and join Sii teams, which have a direct impact on the development of innovative solutions. –  In our everyday work we use the newest technologies and methods of project implementation. We participate in developing a vast and technologically advanced code. We create, automatize, and conduct tests. Moreover, we deal with the most modern, prototype equipment in our labs. Quality, progress, and positive workplace atmosphere matter most to us – says Rusnak.

Sii conducts many versatile projects, where the employees get a chance to develop their competencies. Apart from Gdansk, the company has its branches in 11 cities across Poland, in which IT  specialists can acquire skills in the area of Business Intelligence, DevOps, Digital, Embedded, Engineering, SAP, Salesforce, Testing, Dynamics 365, and Office 365.

Both experienced and junior specialists are welcome to visit our website with the current list of job vacancies.

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