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Sii conqueres the infoShare scene with Xamarin

infoShare is the biggest Tech Conference in CEE Region. 5500 attendees came to listen to 133 experts. One of them was Piotr Kątny from Sii Competency Center Digital, who spoke about testing mobile apps using the Xamarin platform.

infoShare conference provides a great dose of knowledge about new technologies, media and business trends, but also is a great opportunity to meet inspiring people and network. Sii, one of the fastest growing companies in the IT sector in Poland, took the position of a gold sponsor of the event. On one of the main stages speakers shared their knowledge on international technological tendencies, management, innovation and industry 4.0.

During this year’s conference Piotr Kątny, a Software Engineer from Sii Competency Center Digital located in Gdańsk, gave a presentation on elevating mobile app tests to higher level with Xamarin Test Cloud. On Tech Stage Kątny mentioned how to shorten the process of manual testing and ensure great user experience. He also showed ways to automate the tests of the user’s interface along with the results and exemplary utilisation.

Xamarin is a platform that facilitates creating cross-platform apps for Android, iOS and UWP quickly and easily. Big parts of code can be shared between those platforms and code itself is written in C# using features delivered by .NET. In addition, from OS point of view, those apps are as good as the native ones.

Piotr Kątny appeared among well-known experts, such as Harry Roberts (, Felix Rieseberg (Slack), Morgan Carter (Google), Remy Sharp, Tim Kadlec (Snyk), Adam Bien (Java Champion), Ray Tsang (Google) and Brian Holt (Netflix) who shared their knowledge about programming. Knowledge shared at the stages was deepened by specialized workshops and trainings.

„Being a speaker at infoShare was a great distinction for me. The possibility to be amongst so many people known and respected in IT and to share my knowledge at such an event is invaluable. My presentation was the last one, but there were many people interested in the subject. I was asked many substantive questions, which constituted a base for a very interesting discussion. Afterwards a group of listeners came and congratulated me on the technological content of my presentation. I must admit it felt great” – says Kątny.

Piotr Kątny’s presentation on Xamarin Test Cloud is available here:

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