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Sii Cracow moves to new office

The Cracow branch of Sii has recently moved to a new address. The new office is located at 28 Wielicka street, Cracow.

The Cracow branch of Sii was established in 2011, as the fifth branch of the company. Since then it changed its seat 2 times, which was a consequence of a rapid development of the company and an increasing number of employees. Now after 3 years it has changed its address once again. It has moved to 28 Wielicka street – less than 200 meters from the previous location. The new office is situated in the Equal Business Park complex in the Podgórze district.

This technologically modern A class office building complex is characterized by a convenient location and communication – in the vicinity there are many bus and tram stops. There are also amenities for persons coming to work by bike.

The change of location was necessary due to the dynamic development of Sii Cracow – currently the company employs more than 300 persons and is planning to increase this number in the near future.

At Sii people come first and one of the company’s goals is the satisfaction of employees, this is why the office was designed in a way providing comfort in everyday work. It is equipped with i.a. modern conference rooms, coffee points and a chill room and private terrasse, where the employees can relax during their break. You will also find a baby care room.

The Cracow branch of Sii is one of the most dynamically developing branches of the company in Poland. Currently it provides services mainly to global leaders of the banking, tourist, industrial automation and automotive sectors.

We invite you to see the photo gallery of the Sii Cracow office at 28 Wielicka street.


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