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Sii Employs already 700 persons in Gdańsk

Sii, the second largest IT employer in Northern Poland employs 700 people only in Tri-City. The Gdańsk branch plans to hire another 100 developers within a year. Throughout Poland already 2 500 specialists work at Sii. The company has just started recruiting for new international projects. In addition to persons from the Tri-City labor market, Sii attracts specialists from all over Poland to Gdańsk. The company offers relocation packages and helps in moving.

Due to the growth of the company and its foreign expansion, Sii is looking for even more specialists. As the Director of Sii Gdańsk, Michael Desmurs has announced – Within 12 months, Sii will create over 100 new jobs for IT experts. The newly employed will carry out projects for our clients – global players in the financial industry and foreign media houses. Our plans assume that within 5 years Sii Gdańsk will employ 1,100 people.

Primarily, Sii seeks experienced .NET, ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Python, Magento, C++ and developers of mobile technologies (such as Xamarin). Wanted are also DevOps specialists. There will be new vacancies for automatic and manual testers, as well as project managers, analysts and Scrum Masters. Professionals with 2-3 years of experience in programming can also count on finding a job.

– Despite the fact that we are an enormous company, Sii is not a stereotypical corporation. We focus on relationships and a relaxed atmosphere at work. Our advantage is the variety of projects that we realize on almost all continents, therefore there is no time for boredom. Working at Sii enables a career development from developer to systems architect, but also gives access to multiple technologies and the possibility to work in a mature agile team – says Alicja Sawicka, Head of Recruitment and HR.

In the spring of 2017 Sii Gdańsk will move its office to the highest skyscraper in Tri-City (currently under construction) – Olivia Star in the Olivia Business Centre. The new headquarters are designed to resemble the seats of the giants of Silicon Valley. Employees will occupy an area of 6 thousand. sq m. In addition to office space, in the new workplace there will be many attractions, which even Google or Facebook, known for its creative soultions,would be proud to have, such as, e.g. a slide connecting floors.

Sii Poland has 8 offices in major cities in Poland – Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań, Kraków, Lódź, Lublin, Katowice. By employing 2 500 specialists, the company has a significant contribution to the rapidly growing market of new technologies in Poland.

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