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Sii experts have streamlined sales processes for RTV Euro AGD. Check out how the new order handling module increased the efficiency of the largest home appliance retailer in Poland

Sii experts support RTV Euro AGD in working on a solution to optimize and streamline the sales processes of Poland’s largest home appliance retailer. Find out what challenges we have encountered during the project and what solutions we have proposed to the client.

The secret to successful sales is to make the entire buying process look simple from the customer’s point of view. The technological challenge is to make it robust and resilient without exposing process complexity. And this is where Sii experts come to the rescue, having supported Euro-net sp. z o.o. in building a new order processing module.

Euro-net Sp. z o.o., owner of the RTV Euro AGD brand, is the first Polish company operating on the electronics and home appliances sales market. For years, it has been selling the largest number of consumer electronics and household appliances products in Poland, striving to provide customers with a wide range of high-quality equipment at attractive prices, backed by professional service and advice. It cares about customer convenience, also offering many services related to the equipment ordered, 0% instalments, among others. Making a purchase in the RTV Euro AGD network is also possible by phone or through the online store

RTV Euro AGD’s IT systems executing the sales support and order processing process must keep up with market expectations. The Management Board of Euro-net made a strategic decision to modernize the key link connecting omnichannel sales processes. This is how the concept of building a new Order Management System class tool called Order Processing Module was born.

Challenges in handling omnichannel sales? We have a solution for that!

The sales process of RTV Euro AGD is very complex, as sales take place at various points of contact with the customer, and goods are delivered from different locations. In addition, goods may be linked to services, such as the sale of insurance or extended warranty or installation services. Finally, goods may be subject to claims, exchanges or returns. With the growth of sales, especially online sales, customer expectations for speed and efficiency of sales service processes are increasing.

To ensure the comprehensiveness of the solution, Sii’s experts decided that the new order handling module would be designed as a system fully integrated with other key Euro-net systems. Replacing one of the most important systems in such a large company without disrupting the company’s core business is a complex task that requires excellent planning and coordination of activities. The task can be vividly compared to the construction of a hydroelectric power plant on a large river or the major reconstruction of a rail-road bridge over a busy shipping channel.   Euro-net therefore set up a program involving the planned, organized and coordinated work of many teams. In addition, a decision was made to redesign some business processes to better support employees in their daily activities.

Sii supports retail businesses

The creation of the new order processing module was entrusted to Sii Poland, which, thanks to its experience and very high technical competence, as well as a sufficiently large scale, quickly and efficiently built an interdisciplinary executive team. Our team employs more than 200 e-commerce experts, including more than 50 AEM specialists, making us the largest AEM team in Poland. We offer our clients comprehensive e-commerce solutions from web applications and marketing automation to CRM and ERP systems. We are characterized by our experience in e-commerce integrations with payment service providers, ERP systems (SAP, Microsoft), CRM (Salesforce), PIM (Akaneo, inRiver), analytical tools, logistics services, or warehouses.

The challenge in the project for RTV Euro AGD was not only to create a new IT solution, but also to coordinate activities between the teams implementing the various work streams. The new solution built by Sii consisted, de facto, of a collection of microservices embedded on a modern Euro-net hardware platform.

The priority of the designed solution became its reliability. Containerization, automated manufacturing and rigorous, multi-level testing allowed the rapid and safe development of further components. Rebuilding existing interfaces, extensive use of the enterprise service bus or asynchronous communication, combined with rigorous automated performance testing, made it possible to achieve throughput levels that far exceeded the initial parameters.

The undoubted advantage of the solution is the nature of the system, integrated with other RTV Euro AGD systems. The module connects to: sales platforms, e.g. e-commerce system or systems used by employees of stationary stores, ERP, CRM, logistic system, authorization module, data warehouse and tools for monitoring and analyzing events. The list presented above is not exhaustive, it is possible to integrate with other systems in the future.

Efficient support at your service

Thanks to the involvement of Sii, the system exceeded the assumed performance several times in the first phase. It was possible thanks to the expert knowledge of Sii specialists supported by automated performance tests and methodical optimization. As a result, the number of production errors has been reduced to almost zero. The process of releasing a new version of the system is basically fully automated.

Sii Poland has already carried out many successful projects in the areas of retail and e-commerce and is still involved in new ones to help customers increase their revenues and improve the usability of applications developed with their target group in mind. If you want to join the e-commerce team or maximize your online sales thanks to Sii’s experience and services, visit our website today!

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