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Sii experts will talk about about embedded systems during a meet-up in Czestochowa

Sii is launching its operations in a newly opened location in Czestochowa on a high note. On 23 October 2018 it organises a meet-up dedicated to specialists in embedded systems. The event will take place in a Sii’s office in Jasnogorska street, which was established in September. Experts from the Embedded Systems Competency Centre are talking about the meeting: Paweł Czapiewski and Łukasz Grądzik.

In 2018 Sii continues its dynamic growth not only with regards to extending its offer with new competencies but also through territorial expansion. Sii’s eight existing branches have been joined by four new ones: in Rzeszow, Bydgoszcz, Piła and Czestochowa. The last city has a special significance for the Embedded Systems Competency Centre. It is in Częstochowa that a new team of engineers is being built. It will be running projects for international brands from the automotive sector.

The new office was opened on the 1st of September. In October it is already organising the first technological event – a free-entry meet-up devoted to embedded systems. During the meeting there will be a presentation delivered by two experts who have been realising projects in this area for many years. Paweł Czapiewski, Team Leader at the Embedded Systems Competency Centre, has been connected with Sii for five years. He is responsible for creating and guaranteeing the software quality. He also has a few years of commercial experience in programming in the following languages: C, C++, C#, Python. Łukasz Grądzik is a Service Delivery Manager at the Embedded Systems Competency Centre. He is an experienced embedded systems engineer connected with the automotive sector for ten years. He runs projects based on embedded technologies, such as C, C++, Linux (Yocto generations).

Barbara Kun, Marketing Account Manager: Why is it worthwhile taking part in the meet-up organised by the Embedded Systems Competency Centre?

Paweł Czapiewski, Team Leader: We hope that such a meet-up will be an opportunity to meet and share experiences among talented engineers who specialise in the embedded systems’ area. And there are plenty of them in Czestochowa…

Łukasz Grądzik, Service Delivery Manager: In Czestochowa there are many specialists in this field – people who are interested in engineering at the interface between electronics and software. We want to support and integrate the local IT community as well as share our knowledge and experience. In this sector you have to be on your toes and develop all the time. We want to demonstrate the solutions the world is moving towards and options to choose to stay in the loop.

B.K.: Paweł. Your presentation is called Meanders of Contemporary C++ 11/14/17 – lambda, smart pointer, thread. What will you focus on during your presentation?

P.C.: The C++ programming language is ever-living. Although it is more than 30 years old, it constantly changes, develops and adjusts to current trends and needs. There are projects, also in the embedded devices sector, in which it is this programming language that proves best. Hence my idea for the presentation. Its objective is to bring the most important innovations that are worth noticing to the fore. It is them that make the life of programmers working in this language easier to the largest extent.

B.K.: Łukasz. What would you like to draw the participants’ attention to in your presentation called Flexible system of building own Linux distribution – introduction to Yocto?

Ł.G.: First of all, we want to demonstrate that Yocto is an easy and accessible as well as flexible and powerful tool, which can be used to build a solution based on the Linux system quickly. It will be adjusted to our needs and easy to transfer to different equipment platforms.

B.K.: Opening Sii’s new office in Czestochowa is directly connected with the Centre’s dynamic growth. It is this market that experts with experience in embedded systems and AUTOSAR architecture are searched for. Why, in your opinion, it is worthwhile joining the Sii team and run its projects?

P.C.: In all our branches there is a great working atmosphere. We would also like to create it in the newly opened office in Czestochowa. We are a dynamically growing business which cooperates with the biggest producers of widely understood embedded devices. This is why we need ambitious and talented engineers who are looking for interesting challenges.

Ł.G.: A huge advantage of the Embedded Systems Competency Centre at Sii is the possibility of working on various projects for clients from many different sectors, such as automotive, medical and multimedia, as well as railway applications or home automation. It enables working in different technologies, including hard real-time bare-metal and RTOS systems as well as large systems based on uC multi-core processors, while having the same employer.

Registration for the meet-up is still open. The event agenda and free tickets are available on We encourage everyone to take part in the meeting and check out the offer of the Embedded Systems Competency Centre.

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