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Sii hires at least 200 people in this year

Sii leads projects for companies from all over the world, including UTC, Gemalto, NXP, Puma, ThyssenKrupp, Nordea, Energa, DFC. Sii implement these projects in their Test Center and Software Development in a modern office complex Olivia Business Centre. Sii specialists also work within the IT structures of our customers  – the world leaders in many industries.

Cooperation with major international firms means that we offer our employees a wide range of projects in which they can develop their competencies and gain unique experience – says Michael Desmurs, Managing Director Sii Gdańsk. – Thanks to the commitment of Sii in the implementation of various projects our engineers have access to a very innovative, advanced IT solutions, with which a regular user touches in a few years. Employees from automation area have the opportunity to implement their systems designed in the factories of global automotive giants in the U.S., Western Europe and China – adds Desmurs.

The innovative and diverse projects carried out by Sii is a big asset to the company as an employer. But not the only one. The company has a comfortable, modern office space located in well-connected Olivia Business Centre, which in the coming year will again increase. Sii is also famous for a very good working atmosphere thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of their employees and many integration initiatives. This opinion is confirmed by the statements of employees and former employees, which can be found in social media and also in the results of external audits anonymous, conducted among all employees Sii by an external research firm. As a result of these studies in 2012 and 2013 Sii two times in a row won the title of “Best IT Workplace in Poland”, awarded by the magazine “Computerworld”. The company is also in the Forbes Diamonds and Business Gazelle rankings. In the last year of TOP 200 “Computerworld” took 1st place among the IT companies with the highest growth in employment.

Gdansk branch of SII from the beginning of its activities could count on broad support from partners initiative Invest in Pomerania, including in the range of programs aimed at increasing the supply of teachers and promotion jobs in the ICT sector in Pomerania. The dynamic development of Sii in Pomerania, confirms Michael Kacprowicz Project Manager responsible for investments in the ICT sector with Invest in Pomerania. Sii development in recent years is the best evidence that can be implemented in the Tri-large projects in this sector. Plans to increase employment by another 250 engineers is an area in which the company can count on the support and full involvement of partners initiative Invest in Pomerania – says Michał Kacprowicz.

Our results makes us happy, but we still have huge recruitment needs! We currently employ 450 people, we want to grow up to more than 600 in next year – says Michael Desmurs. – Most of the new applicants for a job comes up with a recommendation – from our current co-workers. It means something. Strategy and mission of our company is based on the people, and apart from the dynamic development I can guarantee that it will not change. We strive to be not only the fastest growing company, but also – so far as is – the best.


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