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Sii is reaching milestones – the project teams are growing and are now counted in hundreds

Last quarter of 2019 has been a significant one for the Polish IT and engineering services leader – Sii Poland has reached several important milestones when it comes to the headcount at four of the company’s key clients. More engineers join the largest projects and currently they can be counted in hundreds.

After establishing new organizational units with the industry-specific offering and opening two new branches, Sii Poland continues a strong momentum in terms of growth. Reaching 4500 Power People is an even greater success – the teams working for the company’s TOP 10 clients have achieved important milestones in terms of the headcount and scope of cooperation.

400 engineers developing solutions for a semiconductor chip manufacturing leader

Sii’s cooperation with the semiconductor giant began in 2011 in Gdansk and from the very beginning focused on the delivery of R&D solutions. The client needed support in the field of graphics card drivers. Sii provided the desired competencies in programming, testing and management, but it was the company’s talented engineers who, after thorough tests, gained the client’s trust. Another project was associated with mass storage and software solutions enabling the creation of disk arrays for Linux. The ones that came after involved the testing of firmware and network technologies. During almost 10 years of cooperation, Sii became involved in dozens of projects and services with a high level of importance.

– When it comes to the advancement of the final product, Sii has a pleasure to be involved in one cutting-edge technology project, but obviously we cannot say a word about it as this is so far confidential. However, the most advanced in the matter of delivery model and Sii’s responsibility has been a service regarding the development and validation of 10G Ethernet card drivers. We have full responsibility for the product development, autonomy and decision-making regarding the scope of subsequent releases. We took over this service directly from the client’s American branch in Portland – says Tomasz Klamrowski, Account Director at Sii Poland, working with the client.

Currently, Sii provides those services almost exclusively in the Outcome-Based Payment model – the customer pays only for the products delivered. Moreover, these are subject to quality verification before acceptance and may be rejected if the criteria are not met. It is up to Sii to decide on the number of people employed in the team, their competence profile and work organization. At the moment, with 400 Power People involved in all the projects, Sii is the customer’s preferred supplier and a benchmark on a European scale when it comes to the advancement of cooperation models and the ability to implement them.

– We are very happy to achieve and exceed the symbolic number of 400 engineers and technicians working for the client. This number confirms the clients trust in our service and makes us a strategic business partner. However, this success would not have been possible without the contribution of all our technicians, engineers, team leaders and managers. It is their everyday work that makes the customer trust us and see us as a partner – adds Tomasz Klamrowski.

400 Power People working for Swiss pharmaceutical group

Sii’s partnership with a global IT center of the Swiss medical and pharmaceutical holding has a long history, which was built on trust and mutual successes. It started in 2009 with just a few engineers working in the client’s office. As the headcount of the Sii’s teams and the client’s needs grew, the cooperation evolved into more advanced models.

– Gradually, we have introduced other forms of cooperation, starting with Team Leasing, 24/5 support with managed services model, and finally, fix price or service catalog projects – says Mirosław Rozpara, Account Director at Sii Poland, responsible for the cooperation with the client.

Over the years Sii’s cooperation with the medical and pharmaceutical holding has proven to be very successful – the company has completed projects involving test automation, delivery of mobile CRM application, creation of internal portal or e-marketing application, among others.

Currently, over 400 Sii specialists are working for the Swiss giant in various service delivery models. There is at least one engineer supporting a client at each of 14 Sii offices in Poland, and several team members who work remotely from home in other locations as well.

100 specialists in the sports apparel projects

The story of the cooperation with PUMA, the global sports apparel leader, is a great example of partnership in line with Sii’s One Stop Shop mission. – It all started with classic prospection techniques and has resulted in our first project – Tooling Management System. After 12 months, go-life of the system and proving the quality of our work, the client opened up to talking about expanding the cooperation to further projects – says Grzegorz Brzostowski, Business Unit Director at Sii Poland, working with PUMA.

From the client’s perspective, Sii provides services for 4 independent departments within the customer’s IT organization. From Sii’s perspective, services are provided by 5 Competency Centers cooperating to best deliver the services required by the client. At the moment, it means over a dozen projects run at the same time in different technologies, with engineers working remotely from different Sii office locations in various cooperation models – staffing, leasing of project teams, Agile projects and managed services. Altogether, it creates quite a complex organizational structure.

– Our cooperation definitely is a partnership, as the projects we implement, especially those related to the construction of a new Product Lifecycle Management system, are of great business importance. It is worth mentioning that our system has replaced the solution that has been in production for over 13 years. After its replacement, all PUMA footwear models sold worldwide, starting from the Spring 2019 collection, are designed using our system. This criticality of the project translates into high work intensity. Due to the size of the system, immediately after the completion of one module, we go into its further development and maintenance phase, while starting to work on subsequent modules. In this aspect, the project has been characterized by high intensity and required a high level of commitment, availability and internal motivation from the team for several years – adds Grzegorz Brzostowski.

The engineers working for PUMA are indeed highly motivated and engaged in the cooperation. To show their dedication, they even have adopted pumas at the Gdańsk ZOO.

Over 100 Sii’s experts within the structures of British financial services holding

The collaboration with the multinational financial giant from Great Britain is quite different, mainly in terms of its service delivery specificity and business models.

– We work with the client mainly in the staffing model, therefore the client’s growth requires a lot of organizational duties. The biggest challenge in cooperation is a huge number of open positions we are working on filling.  We rarely employ more than one person at a time, only in rare cases of providing the client with teams of specialists. Recruitment of each individual is a whole process that requires a lot of dedication and time spent on its coordination – says Agata Moś, Account Executive at Sii Poland, working with the client.

The further challenges are the profiles that the client is looking for. These are mostly senior positions, connected with cloud development and testing, but also data and financial analysis, as well as management profiles: Program Managers, Senior Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Team Leaders. Due to the company’s strategy, most of them must be located in Kraków. However, Sii team managed to convince the client to build the remote team working from Sii Łódź office.

– It is one of the biggest successes of our cooperation by far. Our remote development team, 3 Front-end and 3 Back-end Developers, within 3 months provided an application for calculating financial risk of investment products. The Client Department Manager’s feedback was really positive and it opened the door to future remote cooperation in case of demand for further teams. Another huge accomplishment is a very rapid increase in the number of specialists working for the client. Within the last six months, we managed to increase that number from 68 to over 100 employees – adds Agata Moś.

Sii Poland provides services to over 200 clients from various industries and in various business models. The company values the cooperation with each of the business partner, taking into consideration the characteristics of their industry, Sii customizes the offer to make it best suited to their business needs.

To find out more about Sii’s offer, visit our website.

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